When the closet in the spare room is full of clutter!

Declutter your spare room closet

I have a confession to make. Way down the back of our house is the spare bedroom, sometimes called the study but never used for studying. On the occasion that we have guests, this is where they sleep. Now in the corner of this room is a built in closet. In the closet are a number of boxes. In the boxes there is stuff. What stuff, I hear you ask? Well, children’s toys, special baby clothes, photo albums and honestly, lots of other things I can’t even remember. Essentially, it is full of clutter, hidden away and out of sight but clutter nonetheless.

How did it happen?

We had a big clean out of the children’s bedrooms and sold a cabinet that used to be in the family room. Most of the items are from those two areas and the spare room closet is where it all ended up.

We had cleaned out the rooms and cupboard and didn’t have time right then to go through the things to work out what we wanted to keep and what needed to be gotten rid of. I popped everything in the spare room out of the way so I could go through it at my leisure over the weeks ahead.

An unexpected opportunity!

Then something unexpected happened. We had the opportunity to host a Japanese exchange teacher for my son’s high school. It was all a last minute thing as the original host family had fallen through. Within the week Nanako had moved in with us. She moved into the spare bedroom. Of course, the first thing I needed to do was to get those boxes out of the middle of the floor to make room for her. So into the closet they went.

In the end she stayed with us for three months. By the time she left us to move to her next host family, I had forgotten all about the boxes stashed in the closet. It was a case of out of sight, out of mind. It has now been 12 months since I stashed those boxes in there.
In all of that time, having that clutter in there has not bothered me one little bit. It has not been getting in the way. We haven’t needed the space for anything else. It didn’t really matter. Up until now that is.

Working on a solution.

It has come to a point in time when I’m ready to tackle those boxes again. I started this morning by getting rid of a snow jacket and pants my daughter has outgrown. Little by little, step by step I will sort those boxes until I am happy with what I have kept and what I have thrown away.

Each of us has a different tolerance for clutter in our homes. Only you will know when it is time to buckle down and sort out the cupboard in the spare room, the boxes in the basement or the floor of the family room. When you are ready to begin, I am here to assist. Find out more here.

Declutter your spare room closet

When the closet in the spare room is full of clutter! 3

Declutter your spare room closet

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When the closet in the spare room is full of clutter! 6

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