Welcome to Lifewrangling!

Everyone is busy. We are all so time poor. There seems to be a constant stream of things that need to get done and never enough time to do the things that will make us truly happy.

I used to wish I had the time to do the things that made my heart sing but by the time I had finished all of the ‘work’ I was too tired to even think about what those things might be.

What makes your heart sing? Do you wish you could find the time to engage in the hobbies or passions you had when you were younger? Have you always longed to try something new but have never seemd to be able to fit it in to your hectic schedule?

Do you feel as if you are always behind? Are you tired of running from one thing to the next and never feeling as if you have accomplished anything important? Then this blog is for you.

I spent many years trying to keep all of the balls in the air, trying to be everything to everyone. I was the wife, the mother, the teacher, the daughter, the student. I let my friendships slide and my health suffer. I put work and worry before family and fun. I forgot who I was and what I enjoyed to do. I was too busy doing to enjoy living.

Here is where you will find inspiration to make some very simple changes in your life. These changes will allow you to stop being so busy. Learn how to get the urgent things completed in the smallest amount of time so you can focus on the important things in your life.

You’re a busy person, you need simple solutions to your time problem. Here’s where you will find them.

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