We got rid of one piece of furniture…

We got rid of one piece of furniture... 9

Years ago we bought a pool table and moved it into our games room. It was a great idea at the time but over the years it has been used less and less. We recently took an opportunity to get a couple of strong boys to help us move it out of the house.

We got rid of one piece of furniture... 11

The room now feels so open and relaxing and I spend a lot more time in there now. It feels amazing having so much more space in the room. Who would have thought that this simple thing could have such an impact?

We got rid of one piece of furniture... 13

Sometimes when we have had items in our homes for a long time, it can be a bit like not being able to see the forest for the trees. We don’t realise what an impact these items are having on our health and well-being.

*Moving that pool table out of the room means that I no longer have to squeeze myself into a super small space to use my sewing machine.

*It means that I can vacuum the room in half the time and it actually looks cleaner when I have finished.

*It means that I have the space to practice my yoga and dancing without being worried about kicking any furniture.

*It means that I can put a lovely comfortable lounge chair in front of the pot belly stove in winter, curl up and read a book for hours.

All it took was a small change to make such a dramatic difference. It makes me wonder if there are other things in other rooms that could be relocated or removed. It only takes one thing to act as a catalyst to get many more things achieved.

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