This week we decluttered… the garage.

Garage decluttering

One thing I have discovered is that it’s much easier to commit to action if someone else is doing it too.

How often have you decided to begin a new exercise program or made a commitment to eat more healthy food, only to find that those around you are maintaining your old lifestyle and you slowly but surely go back to your old ways? It is so much easier to commit and take action when you have the support of other people.

Getting up early to go for a walk before work is easier when a friend is walking with you. Taking action on your decluttering goals is also easier when someone is there to encourage you along and support you when you are tired or feel defeated. Sometimes doing things alone is just hard!

This is the reason I include guided decluttering sessions in my membership program. Members commit to attending a session and take action on their decluttering goals, right then, in real time with me. Scheduling in this time means that they show up, do the work and achieve their goals.

This week in our decluttering sessions we had some great successes. Participants agreed that it is much harder to take action when the only person we are disappointing is ourselves. If we don’t do what we say we are going to do, we don’t get too upset about it. We are sure we will get the job done ‘someday’. It’s different when you have made a commitment to meet another person and they are expecting you to attend.

These participants took the plunge, showed up and got the work done. It was wonderful to be able to work with some fantastic people who simply needed a little support and assistance to be able to begin their journey to a clutter-free life.

One of the participants (M) is looking forward to the upcoming engagement of one daughter and the wedding of another. Her main issue is with the garage. It has been a while since a car has been able to fit into that space. This is something she would dearly love to do before these important events take up a lot of her spare time.

Garage Decluttering… The first steps.

The space was cluttered up with boxes that the girls might one day need to use to move their belongings to their new homes, old outgrown clothes and even items from a beloved Nanna who recently passed away.

We spent a solid, focussed, 20 minutes decluttering this space. While it seems like a really short period of time, so much can be achieved if we have laser focus and don’t let anything distract us from our task.

At the end of the session, M had deconstructed the boxes so they took up less space. She had a pile of old clothes that she was going to donate to a childcare centre in the coming days and another pile of resources to take to school where she works as a teacher. The items from Nanna were collected together and the plan is for the girls to go through these to decide what they want to keep and what needs to be donated.

I recommended that M focus on tackling the items immediately in front of the entrance to the space. This focus on one area allows us to achieve far more in a shorter period of time than if we spread our work out over a number of boxes or shelves. It also meant that by the end of the session, she was finally able to walk into the garage. She had freed up some floor space to allow entry further into the room. This means that in future sessions, she will easily be able to access the next lot of items and therefore benefit from the momentum she has created in this session.

Finding the right support.

Knowing that there is someone who will not judge us for where we find ourselves with our clutter, who will support and guide us to take the steps we know we need to take and who understands the joy that comes from the smallest of wins, is beyond measure.

This is what you will find when you join the Clutter-Free Life membership, someone to guide, support and encourage you to make this positive change in your life.

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This week we decluttered… the garage. 2

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