Learn how traveling inspired me to declutter

How traveling inspired me to declutter

You may know that my family and I have been on vacation overseas for a number of weeks. When it comes to holidays, the journey home is always much harder than the one there don’t you find? There is no longer that excitement and expectation, just thoughts about going back to work and back to reality. When it takes 28 hours in the air and 35 hours travelling in total to arrive at your destination, you certainly make the most of it while you are there. We managed to cram in so many things that sometimes I wonder where we got the energy to do it all. This of course all just adds to the shock of returning to reality.

Coming back down to Earth has been a little difficult, partly because I had to hit the ground running and there wasn’t any time to wind down. We flew in at 4pm on Thursday and I started work again on Friday morning. Thankfully my work colleagues were gentle with me on my first day back as I tried to remember little things like computer passwords, the location of important documents and how to keep my eyes open.

Now we have recovered from the jet lag (loved waking up at 3am every day for that first week -not) and there are many things to be done. One of my first tasks is to have a good clean out of the house. It’s amazing how something like travelling with one small backpack can make you realise how little you really do need in order to be happy.

Check out how many clothes I took for our eight week adventure in both hot and cold climates. I have to say I was quite proud of my efforts.

Traveling light is a perfect inspiration to declutter when I return home.

I know for me, having lots of ‘stuff’ in the house can make me feel tired and weighed down. Coupled with the post holiday slump, I definitely needed something to reinvigorate me. A good clean out was the perfect remedy.

The biggest area I needed to tackle was the spare room. Somehow it has become the place where everyone puts the ‘stuff’ they no longer need or want. It has been annoying me for far too long and this was the perfect opportunity to finally get it done.

My first step was to clear the floor. I created three piles.

1) Rubbish. This went straight into the bin.
2) Too good to throw away but no longer needed by us. This was bagged up to donate to charity.
3) Things to keep. These were put back into their correct homes.

Once that was done, the whole room looked so much better. Over the course of a few days I worked my way through each area, spending about 15 minutes each time.

Today I dropped a number of bags into the local Good Samaritans store’s donation bin, making my car and my soul feel so much lighter. It’s still a work in progress but it’s very easy to see that progress being made and it makes me feel good.

Do you have a room that could do with a good declutter? Is there a room you have been closing the door on and hoping the mess will go away? Why not start to tackle it today?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t quite know where to start, downloaded your free copy of my Decluttering workbook.

I teach you how to break the task down into manageable steps. What do you have to lose except the clutter?

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