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{ 0 comments } Emotional attachment to clutter

Getting rid of excess and unneeded items in the house can be a slow and time consuming process but more often than not it's fairly simple once we begin. It's the beginning that is the difficult part. There are times however when it takes more than time and determination to get the job done. Difficulty […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } Setting better goals for the new year.

We all know that January is the traditional time to set goals. We call them New Year resolutions. After all of the indulgence of the festive season it's no surprise that this is the time of year when the gym memberships soar. We make all sorts of fitness plans, saving plans and general life improvement […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } Can't have anyone over syndrome? Get the house ready for guests fast!

So your significant other has said 'Let's have people over this weekend.' What is your first reaction? 'No, the house is a mess!', 'Do I have enough time to clean and cook?', 'Nooooo, not happening,'? If you can relate to these reactions then you may be suffering from 'Can't have anyone over syndrome'. Your first […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } How to manage office papers in 3 easy steps

Do you sometimes find yourself sitting at your desk in your office looking at a pile of papers and other clutter and wondering where it all came from? Or perhaps you know exactly where it came from but don't know how to make it all go away. That feeling of being paralyzed by the mess […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } Not sure how many shoes or clothes to take on vacation? Find the answers here.

In the lead up to the holidays a number of us are now thinking about packing for a trip or to visit family members for Christmas. Here's where some decisions need to be made about what we are going to take away with us. Some of us love to take everything and the kitchen sink, […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } De-clutter your wardrobe with these 3 simple questions

Have you ever struggled to find the right thing to wear in the morning? Do you feel as if you have lots of clothes but nothing to wear? Perhaps you simply can't find what you are looking for because there are too many unwanted items in the wardrobe which are getting in your way. It […] Continue reading


How motivated are you? If you’re like most people, your motivation probably ebbs and flows—with the seasons, with the demands of the rest of your life. That’s natural—but falling off the motivation wagon makes it hard to get back on. So how do you keep up your motivation, every day, every month, every year? Group […] Continue reading

{ 1 comment } When routines get in the way.

I love a good routine but can there be too much of a good thing? Consider this... As part of managing the family commitments, we have developed a routine for our weekdays. We manage to wrangle all of the activities and appointments, getting everyone where they need to be on time and still managing to […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } The importance of scheduling time for self care.

Isn't it funny how we can know something to be true but be completely unable to put it into action? I lived in the country for a number of years and when I returned to the city I needed to find myself a new doctor. I was recommended a particular lady and next time I […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } Feeling overwhelmed? How to stop being so busy

I want to tell you a story about time. Some years ago we were sitting at a table in a restaurant waiting for our friend to arrive. He was late. Very late. This was in the time before mobile phones and we had no way of getting in contact with him to find out what […] Continue reading