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{ 0 comments } 30 day decluttering challenge

For the last few days I have been madly filming clips for the soon to begin Decluttering Challenge in The Clutter Free Life Private Facebook Group. In this challenge I not only tell readers what to declutter but I also tackle the reasons behind our clutter issues. I discuss the myths behind why we often […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } You must do this one thing if you want to cut the clutter for good.

Have a look around your house. Where are your hotspots? Those places where clutter tends to accumulate for you. When trying to declutter your home it is important to begin in these areas. Why? So that you can see the benefits of all of your hard work as soon as possible. There is really no […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } A clutter free home has many benefits including allowing more time to spend with family and friends. Find out the other 5 here.

When we find ourselves in a situation where the need to declutter becomes obvious as soon as we walk through the front door, we can be forgiven for thinking that the benefit of decluttering is just about creating extra space in the room. In reality, there are many more things to be gained from a […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } Tidy house: Follow these two simple steps to a neater, tidier home today

Last week we talked about how to keep the house under control by doing small things often. Putting the dishes straight into the dishwasher, tidying up the children’s toys as soon as they have finished playing with them, straightening up the bathroom when you have finished using it. These small things can prevent the bigger […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } How traveling inspired me to declutter

You may know that my family and I have been on vacation overseas for a number of weeks. When it comes to holidays, the journey home is always much harder than the one there don't you find? There is no longer that excitement and expectation, just thoughts about going back to work and back to […] Continue reading


Perhaps one of the most frustrating things when trying to reduce the amount of stuff we have in our homes occurs when we inherit other people's stuff. This could literally be inheriting the belongings of a relative or simply being given things by well meaning friends and family. Sometimes it can be difficult for people […] Continue reading

{ 15 comments } de-cluttering

I love a change of season. I don't think I could live in a place where the weather is the same all year round. Whether it's saying goodbye to being wrapped up for winter and saying hello to days at the beach or vice versa, it's always so refreshing to have a change. A change […] Continue reading

{ 19 comments } Learn how to save time, save money and save yourself stress by using these three simple steps to declutter your home. Download your free printable worksheet and get started straight away.

So what is clutter? The dictionary defines clutter as ‘An untidy collection of things.' Ok, so we know that. So where can we see examples of this in our homes and why should we concern ourselves with decluttering? Perhaps it's a simple as the second drawer in the kitchen being so chock full of stuff […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } Clutter

In my last post I talked about the temptation to purchase more stuff in order to organise our current stuff.  The real problem is that we often have too much stuff to begin with and buying more stuff to organise it is not the solution.  It got me to thinking that this philosophy can be […] Continue reading

{ 0 comments } Learn how to manage clutter in your wardrobe, car, children's bedrooms, office papers and email inbox. Download your free quick start guide today. http://www.lifewrangling.com/cutting-the-clutter/

It's the first week of the school holidays for us in Western Australia and the beginning of spring. For some reason those two things inspire me to look around my home to see what I can declutter.  No matter how hard I try, things I don't need or never actually want seem to multiply in […] Continue reading