Too Much Stuff: The #1 Decluttering Accelerator

Too Much Stuff!

You want…

  • more time with your family
  • a quick and easy cleaning routine
  • less time wasted looking for stuff
  • less stress
  • a clutter free space to enjoy

You don’t want…

  • missing car keys
  • no time to enjoy your home
  • to waste time moving things around before you can clean
  • to turn visitors away because of the clutter
  • the stress that clutter creates

Did you know?

Research from a 2009 study out of UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives of Families (CELF) has shown that: the amount of stress women experience at home is directly proportional to the amount of stuff they and their family had accumulated.

According to a Cornell University study from 2016, stress triggered by clutter may also trigger coping and avoidance strategies, like eating junk food, oversleeping or binge-watching Netflix.

Wow! What great reasons to rid yourself of your cluttered home!

Too Much Stuff: The #1 Decluttering Accelerator 1
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Removing Distractions is the Biggest Decluttering Accelerator!

When we begin a decluttering task, it can be very easy to become sidetracked and do anything but the actual decluttering work.

For example:

  • You find a child’s shoe in the family room and return it to their bedroom. On the way you unstack the dishwasher, pop a load of laundry into the machine and make the child’s bed. Before you know it, 20 minutes have flown by and you’ve only managed to remove one shoe!
  • You go back to the family room to do some more. This time you pick up a magazine and decide to have a quick flick through in case there is something in there you want to keep. Before you know it, another 20 minutes has been lost!
  • Back to the task… You collect up a few things that need to go into the trash and head outside to throw them away. Here is another opportunity to be distracted by something that is not your core task. What a time waster!

You can see what is happening here! It’s easy to think ‘I’ve been decluttering all morning, and it doesn’t look like I have done anything at all!’ That’s because you have only actually spent a few minutes doing the decluttering work and the rest of the time has been taken up with other tasks.

Too Much Stuff: The #1 Decluttering Accelerator 3

The #1 Decluttering Accelerator!

Let’s consider these glasses full of lentils.

Too Much Stuff: The #1 Decluttering Accelerator 5
Declutter Your Home!

In the first picture you can see 4 glasses. Think of each one as a different room in the home. You spend a few minutes decluttering a small part of each room. The large container holds all of the items you decluttered. There’s actually a fair bit there. You have done a good job.

Unfortunately, you can’t see the results of your decluttering. The small amount achieved in each room is hidden by the large amount still left to do.

Too Much Stuff: The #1 Decluttering Accelerator 7
Declutter One Room!

Consider the next picture. We still have our 4 glasses and our large container holding all of the decluttered items. This time however, all of our work was completed in the one space. See the glass on the left? See how much has been achieved there? This is what we want to do.

Reduce Clutter in One Space at a Time

When we focus on the one space, we see the effects of all of our hard work.

By focusing on the one thing until it is done, we create momentum and a sense of achievement. This makes us want to continue to do this work on another day by making it seem much less like a chore. It now is an achievable task that is moving us along the path to achieving our goal of a decluttered home.

Remember: You will declutter faster if you focus on one area at a time.

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Never be embarrassed by your cluttered home again!