Too Many Boxes: A Good Reason to Reduce the Clutter

Clutter Free Life

So there we were, we had just finished our year teaching in a remote community in the outback of Western Australia. We were waiting for the removalists to appear to transport our goods back to our home 12 hours drive away in Perth.

The weather was not looking too good and out there where the roads were not sealed, any little rain was bound to turn them into mud puddles. We were on the edge of our seats in case the truck could not get through and we were faced with either spending Christmas out in the middle of nowhere or leaving our goods unattended in the house until we could arrange another truck some time in the new year.

The service offered by the company was to pack, load and transport all of our possessions. We decided however to do the actual packing ourselves. This turned out to be a very good decision. You see, we had a fair few boxes.

Let me explain it to you like this. The three other teachers had their belongings packed and loaded in less time than it took to simply load ours. Get the picture?

Admittedly we did take all of our possessions including our own bed, all of the wedding presents and my husband’s woodworking gear.

Still, we had A LOT of stuff.

Luckily the weather held out and the removalists arrived. They told us they’d hoped for bad weather but that’s another story.

Anyway, our things were packed and headed back home and very soon we were too.

The next time we moved house we did not have anywhere near as many boxes and by this time we also had a toddler in tow. We had learnt by then what we actually needed and what could be sent on its way.

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What do you do when you have too much stuff?
What do you do when you have too much stuff?
What do you do when you have too much stuff?
What do you do when you have too much stuff?