Time Saving Tuesday- make the most of waiting



It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, we’ve all got those times in our lives when we have to wait.  Perhaps it’s waiting for one of the children to finish an after school activity, sitting on the train during the commute to work or even simply waiting for the kettle to boil, our days can be filled with unproductive moments of time.

Since the advent of the smartphone it is very easy to keep ourselves occupied during these times of waiting.  No longer do we have to read the 3 year old magazines at the doctor’s surgery, we can keep ourselves amused by reading our Facebook feed or playing the latest game.  Whilst this might prevent boredom, I do wonder whether it really is the best use of the time.

When I think about the mountain of things I need to complete in the day, I find sitting and waiting really annoying.  I have however, worked out a number of ways to use the time far more productively.

When I am waiting I might…

Plan next week’s dinner menu
Write the shopping list
Review my goals
Plan tomorrow’s to do list
List all of the items I need for tomorrow’s DIY job at home
Write in my journal
Answer a work email
Unsubscribe from all of those annoying emails
Clean out the car/my purse/my pockets
Pay the power bill or better yet, set up a direct debit
Think about my routines and make an improvement for tomorrow 
Plan my next family outing 

I would love to hear about some of the small task you complete while you are waiting that help to take the pressure off at other times of the day.

Feel free to comment below.