Timesaving Tuesday- Breakfast juice

Breakfast juice

My darling husband bought me a snazzy new juicer for my birthday and I have been having a fantastic time getting creative with juicing recipes for breakfast.  I’ve tried green juice, orange juice, apple juice and ‘throw in everything you have’ juice.  Not all of the recipes have been a success and I have to admit that a couple were purely frightful but it’s certainly been fun and I feel fantastic after I drink one.

It was all great for a while but then I began to feel the drain of the extra time it took me to get ready in the morning.  I was spending far too long gathering together all of the ingredients, chopping them up, juicing them and then cleaning up afterwards.  It suddenly occurred to me that I prepare many other things in advance, why should my breakfast juices be any different?

One Saturday afternoon I set out to prepare a week’s worth of breakfast all in one go.  I chopped, pealed and bagged each day’s ingredients and put them in the fridge ready to be juiced on the morning I wanted to drink them. It was all done in a flash. When I think about it it wasn’t really surprising that I was able to do it so quickly.  All of the ingredients were out, I just had to chop them up and bag them and I only had the one mess to clean up at the end.

Here’s a sample of what I ended up with:


Now all I have to do in the morning is grab a bag, tear it open, pop the items into the juicer and enjoy.

Do you have any favourite breakfast juices?  Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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