Timesaving Trick #7- Bills that pay themselves

One thing that eats up quite a lot of time and often causes frustration is paying the bills.  They seem to arrive far too often and demand too much of our attention.

I don’t like to pay any bill until just before its due date.  I believe the money is far better off in my bank account than in theirs.  If however you are not very organised, doing this can end up causing significant emotional and financial stress from missed bill payments.  I have a strategy of using my calendar to prevent this from occurring but more and more now I don’t even have to do that.  This is because I have automated as many of my bills as possible.

Our water rates were until recently charged once each year.  Then the authority in their wisdom decided that it was necessary to charge us every 2 months instead.  While this may help those who struggle to find a chunk of money to pay this bill once each year, for me it meant that I had to think about the bill 6 times per year instead.  I had only just finished paying the last one when the next one arrived in the mail.  I’m sure you can guess what is coming next.  Yes, as soon as I could I contacted the water authority and arranged to have the amount debited directly from my credit card.  I have set up my online banking so that my credit card is automatically paid each month from my savings account and all is good with the world.

Some companies allow you to take this one step further.   Rather than sending me my bill in the letterbox, my wifi statement arrives via email.   This email tells me how much the account balance is and states the direct debit date.  I still have time to query the amount before payment if I wish but if all looks fine, I can simply forget about it.

As much as possible I would recommend automating your bill payment system to save time, save stress and free up your mental energy for something you really want to be thinking about.