Timesaving Trick #6- The supermarket

Whilst I am a believer in doing things the way that works for you, I do have a couple of rules which relate to shopping.

1) Always take a list
2) Leave everyone else at home

The reasons for this are simple.  By taking a list you can avoid half of the aisles in the supermarket.  If you have nothing you need to buy in the cleaning aisle for example, why go down it at all?  All you will achieve is adding time to your shopping trip and quite probably adding items to your trolley that you don’t really need.

Leaving the children (or anyone else for that matter) at home means that you can set the pace and not have to wait for someone to catch up with you.  You will also not have to worry about fielding off requests for all sorts of items that are not on your list.  So long as you don’t shop on an empty stomach there should be no reason to give in to those impulse buys.

Both of these rules of mine are broken at various times but I stick to them more often than not. They greatly reduce the amount of time I spend in the supermarket as well as cut down my shopping bill.