Timesaving Trick #2- The bathroom

The other day I found myself leaning over the toilet, hoping that I would either be sick and just get it over with or that I would feel better and could go back to bed.  To say I wasn’t feeling well was an understatement and it wasn’t even self inflicted.  I hadn’t had the pleasure of a fun night that I was paying for later, I was just sick.  What I did have though was a clean bathroom floor to lie on and a lovely clean toilet to lean over.


Was this because I had just spent ages cleaning the thing from top to toe?  Nope!  It was because cleaning the bathroom is a part of my morning routine.  I do it every day.  That might sound a bit like overkill to you but trust me, it takes such a short time and saves lots of it in the long run.

Each day as I am going through my morning routine I take a couple of moments to put away the toilettry items I have been using and make the vanity as clear as possible.  I then take a microfibre cloth and wipe the mirror, vanity and sink.  After that I move on to the toilet and, using the same cloth, give it a good wipe over.  I then use the toilet brush to give the bowl a good quick scrub.

A second cloth does the floor.  I am often amazed that I have any hair left on my head given the amount that ends up on the bathroom floor after I have blow dried.  I wipe up as much as I can and scrub off any random marks.

Both cloths then go straight into the wash.  If that sounds like it’s going to generate way too much laundry for you later, feel free to use some sort of disposable paper towel.

One of the key steps is having everything I need within arms reach.  I know myself that once I leave the bathroom it’s all go from then on.  I will get caught up in breakfast, children and lost library books and I will not get back to it.  I make sure I get it done before I walk out of the room.

Happily I don’t need to lie on the bathroom floor very often but trust me, having a clean floor to lie on made the whole experience just a little less dreadful.