Timesaving Trick #1- The bedroom

There are a few things which I used to consistently put off doing because of the effort involved.

One of these tasks was changing the doona cover.  I was one of those people sweating, cursing and struggling with the doona, the cover and wondering whether I should just crawl inside it to get the thing straight.  I freely admit that I found the task so difficult that the cover did not get changed as often as it should.


There is a method I now use which is so simple, it takes only a few minutes.

1) Lay the doona on a flat surface. I use the floor as it lets me use gravity to assist. You will understand in step 5.

2) Turn the cover inside out.

3) Put your hands inside the cover and grab hold of the far corners of the cover.

4) With your hands still inside the cover, grab the nearest corners of the doona. Check that the doona is in the correct direction, you don’t want to be trying to fit the long edge of the doona across the short edge of the cover.

5) Pull the doona towards you, lift the whole thing up and shake.

6) Keep shaking until the cover has completely turned the right way and is at least 3/4 of the way down over the doona.

7) Lie the whole thing down, straighten the last corners and secure the end.

8) All done!

Obviously the heavier the doona, the more effort this method will be but I easily use this method to change our queen sized down filled doona.

If you are a visual learner, here’s a link to some great pictures of how to do this.