Time Saving Tuesday- Clothes

Time Saving Tuesday

I saw a little girl in the shopping centre car park today wearing cute little rubber gum boots.  I couldn’t help thinking that she was perfectly prepared for jumping in puddles.  As luck would have it, there was a nice big puddle right next to where she was walking.  Of course she headed straight for it and jumped in.  Unfortunately her mother was not quite so excited about this and chastised her for getting her boots wet.  As far as I could tell, this puddle jumping was the perfect thing for her to do given that she was already dressed for the occasion.

It’s when we are not dressed appropriately and go ahead anyway that we cause ourselves a lot of extra work.  How many times have you been wearing a nice outfit, had to do something which was likely to get a little messy and instead of taking a couple of minutes to go and change into some old clothes, you did it in what you were wearing, thinking that it would be OK?  How did that turn out for you?  Did you have to go and get changed afterwards?  Did you ruin your nice top or make your new suede shoes all muddy?

I know I have been guilty of that on too many occasions.  I think to myself, ‘I’ll just pop out and put this rubbish in the bin’.  Do I take 10 seconds to change into outside shoes before I walk on the lawn?  No, I think, ‘I’m too warm in these slippers to take them off, I’ll only be a second”.  At times like that I wish I had someone sitting on my shoulder calling out ‘No, no, no. Stop!  Take the 5 seconds to put your outside shoes on. You don’t have time to clean those slippers!’

Too many times I have been wearing a nice white top and decided to cook something up on the stove.  It’s never the old tatty thing that gets the bolognaise sauce splattered all over it, it’s always the good outfit.  It took me a while to work it out but now I am very particular about getting changed or at the very least putting something over the nice clothes.

If you are dressed appropriately, then you are free to have as much fun as you can jumping in those puddles.

Top tip- Always have a set of old clothes ready to throw on at a moment’s notice.