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The unexpected cost of sleeping in



I have been on holiday recently and the temptation is always there to lounge in bed for far longer than I would on any normal day.   I did indulge my sloth for a while but after a few days I began to notice a number of problems caused by sleeping too long.

Problems with sleeping in:

1) When I finally got up my back and neck were stiff and sore

2) It took a lot longer to get into gear to go out or do anything at all for the rest of the day

3) The dog missed out on her morning walk and made me feel guilty just by looking at me

4) I didn’t do my stretches and suffered with my sore back for the rest of the day

5) I missed out on the quiet time I usually enjoy before the family get out of bed

6) Breakfast became more like lunch and I didn’t eat my normally healthy meal

7) A lot of the little tasks such as tidying the house seemed to become enormous chores that I simply did not have the energy to complete

8) If there was an appointment, I was rushing just to get there on time

9) I stayed up much later than normal in the evening and filled that awake time mindlessly watching rubbish shows on television

10) I felt the loss of the mental space that quiet time in the morning gives me

It got to the point where I felt as if I was wasting my holiday.  I didn’t go out and do fun things with the children, my to-do list stayed undone and the days simply seemed to go by as if we were marking time until the children were due to go back to school.  Certainly not the way I had planned to spend their holidays.

I made a decision to go back to my usual morning routine and discovered that not only was it great for getting me set for my days at work, it was also fantastic for getting me set for my days at home.   Definitely something I will be remembering for future occasions.


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