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The road to achieving our goals is always rocky.

Goals, roadblocks

Goals motivate us to act.  The deadline we create by setting goals for the things we want to achieve in our lives helps us to focus on our purpose. They give us a reason to begin rather than to continue as we currently are. Any goal without an associated action is, after all, simply a dream. Sometimes however, it seems as if the universe is against us. Instead of being on our side and helping us along on our path towards success, we so often get roadblocks placed right in front of us.

How many times have you decided that you were going to go on a diet only to have one work function and two birthday parties to attend in quick succession?  How many times have you made a plan to save some money for a special purpose only to receive a number of large bills in the mail immediately after? Have you noticed that the moment you decide to begin an exercise program you will injure yourself or come down with the flu? It’s as if we are being tested on our resolve. How much do we actually want to achieve this thing we said we wanted to achieve?

If we give up on our goal at the first sign of adversity, it may indicate that this goal wasn’t as important to us as we initially thought. If we actually want to achieve something, we will do whatever we can to get it done, not give up at the first hurdle. Here is an opportunity to reconsider our goals and decide how committed we actually are to achieving them.

It’s almost inevitable that the journey towards our goals is going to be rocky. Anything worth having requires effort and sacrifice but we can make things as easy for ourselves as possible. How can we do that? Plan, plan, plan. We know that there are going to be some stumbling blocks on our way to success so the next step after setting our goal and creating the actions required to achieve it is to make a plan for how we will manage these inevitable roadblocks.

To do this, follow the simple steps below:

1) Think about the different things that might derail your action plan.
2) Brainstorm a response to each roadblock.
3) Make notes for yourself to follow when the hard times hit.

By thinking through our responses in advance, we can automatise our actions so that we do not need to try and come up with a solution in the midst of the problem.  All we need to do is look at our plan, follow it and continue on our way to achieving our desired goal.

Feel free to share some of your 2016 goals below. We can encourage one another along the road to success.

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