The Number 1 Top Tip for Clutter Free Living

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Have a look around your house. Where are your hotspots? Which are the places least likely to be clutter free? Find those places where clutter tends to accumulate for you. When trying to declutter your home it is important to begin in these areas. Why? So that you can see the benefits of all of your hard work as soon as possible. There is really no point in starting by decluttering the craft cupboard if you can’t find a spot on the dining room table to put your plate for dinner. 

Another reason it is important to begin with the spots that have the most immediate impact is so that the results of all of your hard work are right in front of you. This will help to keep your motivation high and make it easier to maintain the momentum needed to complete the work. When you look around the room and see those spots are now clutter free, it’s easier to imagine what it will look like when the next spot and then the next spot are completed. It feels good and something that feels good is something we are likely to continue doing.

Today I want you to understand the most important process that must be undertaken in order to achieve your Clutter Free Life and keep it that way. It’s quite a simple concept, although it can be a little difficult to achieve.

Bring less into the house.

There is a minimalism movement happening at the moment that is helping a lot of people to reduce their reliance upon things and make more of the people and experiences in their lives. Now, I’m not advocating going to any extremes here. We don’t need to pare our wardrobe down so far that it all fits into a carry-on suitcase, or have nothing in the garage except for the car or throw away all of our makeup. Far from it.

It’s important to keep those things that make us feel good and have use in our lives. It’s when we manage to collect far too many of these things that the problem occurs. Once you have determined that you are in a situation where clutter is impacting your life and want to take steps to change that, it is important not to undermine all of your hard work by bringing home more stuff.

My mother used to do a regular declutter in her home but she came from an era where things were in short supply and didn’t want to waste anything. This meant that after removing excess items from her home, she was keen to give them to someone she believed could make use of them. Me! It took me a while learn how to politely say no to all of the things I didn’t really need. When I learnt how to do that, I was much better off.

Clutter-Free Bedroom

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    Clutter free questions

    Take steps to identify how things are coming into your home. Are they gifts, is shopping a therapy for you, do you find it hard to say no when other people offer you things? Work out whether this applies to you and do your very best to put a stop to it as soon as possible.

    Ask yourself these key questions…

    1. Do I have something similar which will do just as well?
    2. Is it a need or is it a want?
    3. Could I borrow one to complete the task?

    When you are trying to get rid of the clutter that you already have, bringing anything extra into the home will only exacerbate the problem. Put a stop to that and the job of decluttering will be a lot easier to achieve.

    Check out The Clutter Free Life community and kick start your Decluttering journey today.

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