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Get rid of the clutter in your home so that you can spend less time tidying it and more time enjoying it.

The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 77
The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 79


My Story...

I remember the moment when I realised that the clutter in my home was taking me away from enjoying life with my family.
My son was about 3 years old. Every afternoon after we put the baby to bed we would head out for a walk in the backyard. We are fortunate enough to live on a large property with some native bushland and we would pop on our boots, grab our hats and head out for a bush walk together.
We had a wonderful time pointing out birds, wildflowers and lizards and talking about whatever happened to be around at that time.
This particular afternoon I had forgotten about our walk. I had put the baby to bed and begun to go through some of the mess in the spare room.The mess in my home was always on the back of my mind and I thought that I would spend some time finally getting things sorted.
My son appeared in front of me in his boots with his hat in his hand and announced ‘I’m ready for our bush walk’. I wish I could tell you that I dropped everything right there and then and headed outside with him, but I didn’t. What did I do instead? I said to him ‘No, not today, I’m too busy’.
That was the beginning of the end of our bush walks. There always seemed be something around the house that was more urgent or more important that had to be done first.
I still regret the choice I made that day…

And that is what motivated me to begin decluttering my home. 

I figured out how to declutter my home and reduce the stress in my life so I could spend more time enjoying my family.


The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 81
  • Now I never spend more than 15 minutes getting my home ready to receive guests.
  • I have a stress-free sanctuary to wind down at the end of every day so I can recharge and face tomorrow refreshed and relaxed.
  • I spend less time cleaning and tidying and more time doing the things I enjoy.

I want you to...

  • Save time by always knowing exactly where everything is.
  • Save money not having to re-buy something you already own because you can’t find the first one.
  • Save stress by being ready to welcome guests into your home

Imagine if you could have...

  • Less stress
  • More time to enjoy your home and family
  • A relaxing space to end every day in peace

When you begin to declutter your home, you take control of the way you want to live.

The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 83
The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 85

Feel less stress, feel more in control and create space to breathe.

Before joining the community...

  • I still have boxes on shelves in my garage from my last move over 20 years ago. Now I want to move closer to work and family and everything else but I feel trapped by 20 more years of stuff that would involve a ton of decision making. 🙁
  • Not inviting people over. Stress. Can’t find things…
  • I have lost things and had to pay to replace them. I have missed appointments. I have lost bills and had to pay late fees.
  • I actually lost information needed to file our taxes in a pile of papers in our home office.
  • I have to hide clutter piles.
  •  I just moved. I ended throwing a lot of things in boxes instead of decluttering. I probably paid the movers a thousand dollars moving stuff I’ll get rid of as I unpack.

I will teach you to solve these problems and more!

I will show you how to make your home a sanctuary from the chaos around you, a place to feel relaxed and calm after a busy day.

Before she became a member...

Sally used to be embarrassed by the clutter in her home.

She would struggle to walk through the rooms because of all of the stuff on the floor.

She could never find important documents when she needed them.

She felt guilty when she was playing with her children because she was neglecting the housework.

She felt guilty when she was doing the housework because she was neglecting her children.

She got to the point where she started to miss the friends she once used to have over because she felt too embarrassed to invite them into her home anymore.

Isn't that terrible?

Let me show you how to turn a cluttered house into a beautiful, welcoming home and claim back hours of your life, just like Sally did!

The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 87
The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 89

You too can see results like this… Isn’t that amazing?


After joining the community...

Just know that I cannot follow everything but what I do follow is working. Your 2 minute rule is a part of my life now, as are other things I read. I love how you and your method of tackling things have connected with my brain like nothing else I’ve tried. 😂😂😂. I consider you a Godsend and am grateful I decided to jump in finally. ~ Patricia 

My decluttering journey is going better and it feels fantastic! I have 20+ years of “stuff” to go through but every little bit is a step in the right direction.~ Chelsea

When I look around and surfaces are clear I feel so much less stress. Owning less stuff means less things to land on surfaces.~ Joan

Thank you so much for your ideas. I find it very helpful that I simply need to make it a new habit and scheduling it will help me prioritize it.~Rocio

I have learnt that stuff is just stuff. If we have a bed to sleep in, dishes to eat from, pots to cook in, and the other essentials like a shower, sink and toilets, pretty much everything else is unnecessary.~Nancy

My anxiety has reduced. Less mess = less stress ~Elyse

I have less stress but also save money not buying duplicates of anything because I can’t find it! ~Connie

The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 91
The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 93

Beth has tackled those hidden trouble spots.

Wouldn’t you like to do the same?

Benefits of Membership

The Clutter-Free Home Blueprint

I have created the Clutter-Free Home Blueprint to walk you through your decluttering journey.

Begin with your Vision and Purpose, work through the Training Courses and ask as many questions along the way as you need, all supported by resources and downloads.

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Member Trainings​The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 97

Weekly Challenges

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Unlimited access to the Clutter-Free Home Blueprint.

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The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 103 The Clutter-Free Life Community- Welcome! 105

And more…

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A pricing plan for everyone!

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You can do it too, just like Elizabeth did…

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A year from now you’ll wish you had started today!

Email: with any questions.