The Clutter-Free Bedroom

clutter-free bedroom

This post forms part of my 101 Decluttering Series.

Why is it important to create a clean, organised and clutter-free bedroom? Why should we worry about having clothes on the floor, papers on the dresser and junk on the bed?

When we have a clutter-free bedroom, we have created a calm sanctuary we can retreat to at the end of the day. How good does its feel when you walk into your bedroom, you have a clear path across the room, the bed is made and comfortable looking and everything is where it belongs? Trust me, there is no better feeling.

Perhaps this isn’t your current reality. Perhaps your bedroom has become a catch-all for other people’s stuff, a place to keep work you have brought home with you or even the place you dump all of the things you just don’t quite know what to do with. Is it the room you run to first to shut the door on when visitors arrive unexpectedly? Maybe it’s the room the laundry goes to to wait for that hopeful day when someone finally folds and puts it all away.

The Clutter-Free Bedroom 2

If this is the case for you, then your bedroom is not serving you the way it should.

It should be a place to retreat to to escape the demands of your busy life. It should be a place to rest and recharge so you can face another day tomorrow. It is not possible for it to be these things when the clutter and problems of the day have followed you inside.

The Clutter-Free Bedroom 4

One thing I also like to include in my list of clutter is the television. I am a big advocate of leaving the television out in the family room and preventing it from entering the bedroom at all costs.

It is very hard to escape the stresses of the day if you invite the evening news into the room with you or fall asleep with the latest drama or sci-fi blasting away in your ears. This is not the best way to end the day. The bedroom is not that quiet, calm, comfortable zone to retreat to if it’s got all of this going on in it.

How can we solve this issue?

The first thing that needs to be considered is preparation. If you are not prepared, it’s going to take longer, it will be more stressful and you might not actually get it finished.

To make the decluttering of the bedroom easier, more manageable and quicker, begin with three boxes, bags or containers.

The Clutter-Free Bedroom 6

Box number 1: Junk. The stuff that is going straight out into the rubbish bin. We don’t want to be running outside to the rubbish bin for each item we want to throw away, we are going to collect them and dispose of them all at once at the end.

Box number 2: Relocate. The items that are going to be kept but don’t belong in the bedroom. Again, we want to collect them all and put them back were they belong all at once at the end.

Box number 3: Donate. The items that are no longer needed by you but are not actually rubbish. They will be donated to a charity.

The decluttering process is best achieved in a quite specific order.

Follow these clutter-free bedroom steps:

Step 1: Declutter all of the surfaces
Step 2: Declutter shoes and clothes
Step 3: Declutter drawers and closets
Step 4: Give everything a good clean
Step 5: Develop a set of daily habits to keep it all decluttered

Once you begin you will understand why things work this way.

After you have decluttered your bedroom and created that lovely sanctuary for yourself, it is important to do a number of small things each day to keep it that way. You need to develop a set of daily habits which become automatic.

Clutter-free bedroom daily habits.

clutter-free bedroom

To assist you I have created a video training on the small daily habits that are necessary to keep a clutter-free bedroom.

Make sure you grab a copy of my video training ‘Clutter-Free Bedroom Daily Habits’ to help you get started on your decluttering journey.