Do you struggle to keep your house tidy?

keep your house tidy

It can be a struggle to keep your house tidy. There are so many things to do, so much to keep up with and it seems, increasingly less time to do it all in. This is unfortunately a side effect of the world we live in. There are however, a couple of key things we can do to give ourselves a head start.

The first key to learning to keep your house tidy comes down to attitude.

Have you noticed that no matter what happens in their life, some people will see the negative in it? They could have achieved an enormous amount but will only focus on what they haven’t done rather than celebrate what they have.

How exciting a new baby! That’s so much work.
Wow, look how much cleaning you got done! I’m exhausted!
The house looks amazing! There’s still too much to do!

How we think about something has a direct impact upon the way we deal with the problem or issue we are having. Going into something with a negative attitude will guarantee that the task is tiring, laborious and we will resent every minute spent on it. Every task will have its challenges and obstacles. If we approach something with a positive attitude however, those challenges will seem smaller and we will have a greater capacity to manage them without being thrown off course.

Let’s say you have decided that today is the day you will tackle the clutter in the corner of the family room. You would really rather be doing something else but know it needs to be done. You half heartedly begin the task and then someone knocks on the door. This was just the excuse you needed to stop what you were doing and save it for another time. Needless to say it takes you a long time to get that particular job done, if at all.

You can decide to have a positive attitude.

Going into something with a positive attitude will mean that any little obstacle we come across will be a challenge but won’t derail the whole project.

  • We can look at a cluttered room and see how much work we have left in front of us or we can see it as a challenge we will persue.
  • We can think about how much time something is going to take or we can use the small amounts of time we have between doing other things in order to chip away at the task bit by bit.

There is great truth in the saying ‘A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.’

The second key to learning to keep your house tidy comes down to timing.

There will never be a better time to start something. If we waited until the perfect time to do something, we would never do it. There is never the perfect time to buy a house, (what if I lose my job?) have children, (they cost so much money) or buy a new phone (the next model will be better). Sometimes you just have to throw yourself in and do it.

Tackling our cluttered homes is exactly the same. No point waiting until the holidays, (we will feel like we are wasting them) or until the motivation takes you (rarely happens). We just need to jump in and get started.

Why don’t we just start?

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work that needs to be done. I completely understand. However, ignoring it will not make it go away. You can think, “There’s too much to do, I can’t be bothered.” Or you can think, “I’ll just do this little bit now and see how far I get”.

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keep your house tidy

Learn how to keep your house tidy and never be embarrassed by your home again by cultivating a positive attitude and getting started today.