5 Steps to Remove Clutter This Fall

5 Steps to Remove Clutter This Fall 67

We’ve all heard of Spring cleaning to, but have you heard of Fall decluttering? Remove clutter in the Fall and clean in the Spring.

As wonderful as it might be to give the house a good old clean at the end of winter, it’s going to be an awful lot harder to do if that house is full to the brim with items that have no home and are cluttering up the floors, furniture and storage areas. Before any sort of cleaning can ever be done successfully, it is necessary to be able to find all of the surfaces that need to be tackled.

Now, you might be thinking that spring is a long way off, and of course you are correct. Don’t however use that as an excuse to put off decluttering your home now. Fall is the perfect time to get stuck in and remove clutter before winter sets in and the weather makes it more difficult to take action.

Picture this: On a cold, wet, wintery day when you are trapped inside with the children, you have a lovely clean, comfortable room to hang out in together. You play silly games, you have a dance party, you lay around on the floor. There is nothing lying around for the toddler to choke on, the board games are within easy reach and the children’s favourite books and toys are easy to get to. You don’t feel distracted by tasks left undone and you can relax and enjoy your family.

Or perhaps, you are on your own. You have finished all of your housework, it was easy to do as there was nothing to move before you swept, vacuumed and mopped. You only needed to do a quick tidy up before you could call the job done and now you have the rest of the day free to do whatever takes your fancy. Perhaps you do some crafts, catch something on Netflix or read that latest spy novel.

You don’t feel guilty about doing any of these things because your neat and tidy home has made the chores a breeze to complete and the place looks great.

Do you wish you could be free to spend a lazy wintery day enjoying being inside and out of the weather? Is it that your home is no longer the sanctuary it once was due to the fact that over the years you have tried to cram far too many things inside it? Are you feeling that it is time for a change?

Now is your opportunity to do just that. Make a change for the better and set yourself up this Fall for a decluttered and enjoyable Winter.

The first step is to start to remove clutter from the home and it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

Here are a couple of things you can do straight away:

5 Ways to Remove Clutter

1. Put away out of season clothing and donate items that were never worn.

2. Toss magazines, newspapers and books that will never be read. Be ruthless with the magazines and newspapers, the stories are old and not worth reading after a week or two.

3. Sort the linen cupboard, put away summer sheets and get out the doonas and comforters. Toss anything that is stained or worn out. Consider donating old blankets to an animal refuge.

4. Remove 5 items from the spare room. Do this every day until there is nothing in there that you don’t use/love/need.

5. Empty out one cupboard in the kitchen and only return items that get used. Box up and donate the rest.

Take these first steps and you will have made a nice little start to your Fall decluttering project.

The next step is to develop the motivation and momentum to keep going until your home is completely clutter-free, cozy and a comfortable place to live. Fall is a perfect time to do that. It is also a perfect time to take advantage of my special Fall offer…

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