Lifewrangling: Decluttering and Organizing
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Decluttering Rules: The Simple 3 Step System

When it comes to reducing clutter in the home, there are a few simple decluttering rules which will make the process easier to complete. This simple three step system will make it as easy as possible to complete one decluttering task each day until things are back under control. It will help you decide exactly […] Read more

This simple three step system will make it as easy as possible to complete one decluttering task each day until things are back under control. #declutteringrules

Declutter Fast: Decluttering Your Home Quickly and Easily

Sometimes there is an urgent need to declutter your home fast. Perhaps you have relatives arriving to stay unexpectedly and need room to accommodate them. Perhaps you are getting the carpets cleaned and need to have them cleared beforehand. Perhaps you have simply gotten tired of the status quo and want to get this problem sorted […] Read more

How to get motivated to declutter a messy home

7 Easy Pieces Of Decluttering Advice

If you are serious about managing the clutter in your home, then these 7 pieces of decluttering advice will be a lifesaver. Decluttering Advice… 1) Be very strict about what you let pass through the front door. Don’t make the mistake of allowing more belongings to come into the home when you are trying to […] Read more

decluttering advice

Jumpstart Your Home Organizing and Cleaning

Doing small organizing and cleaning tasks regularly is the key to stopping larger problems occurring a few days, weeks or months down the track. Previously, I showed you what happened when I let the veggie garden get out of control and how long it took to get it back in to some type of order. […] Read more

organizing and cleaning

Decluttering and Cleaning: One seriously affects the other

Before I learnt how to declutter my home, I also struggled to keep it clean. It took me a while to work out that decluttering and cleaning were connected. Washing the floors was a HUGE chore! Before I could wash the floors I had to find the floors. I needed to move all of the […] Read more

Decluttering and Cleaning

Australian Bushfires: Our Simple Evacuation Plan

It would be a rare person in the western world who doesn’t know that Australia has been in the grips of a fire emergency recently. There have been many horrific and catastrophic fires across the country that have caused much loss of bushland, homes and lives.  Whilst we are on the opposite side of the […] Read more

Australian bushfires

7 steps to achieve your goals and have the best year ever!

So did you set some new year resolutions on January 1st? How are those going? What steps have you taken to achieve your goals this year? I used to set a lot of resolutions and then by about this time in the month, would have made absolutely no progress and completely given up. That was […] Read more

achieve your goals

How to Declutter and Organize the Pantry

Sometimes when we make a decision to eat healthier and to look after our bodies better, it’s the little things that can make us come unstuck. For example, walking into the pantry and seeing shelves of unhealthy food is not going to help us maintain our commitment to a healthier life. This is definitely a […] Read more

Declutter and Organize the pantry

20 Simple Things to Declutter for the New Year

A new year is upon us and I don’t know about you, but I always feel motivated to make some resolutions about how the next 12 months will look. I think about the things I want to do, the plans I want to make and the goals I want to achieve.  One thing I know […] Read more

20 Simple Things to Declutter for the New Year

5 Decluttering Tips: The Importance of Small Steps

When it come to decluttering, I often find that people become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work required to be done. That is completely understandable. We look at the work as a whole rather than breaking it down in to small, manageable steps. This can create the problem of finding it difficult to get […] Read more

The importance of small steps in the decluttering process: decluttering tips