On Mondays It’s Absolute Insanity!

On Mondays It's Absolute Insanity! 13

There is a petrol station we pass on the way to our kids’ sports. Because we head that way a number of times each week, I get to watch a very interesting process unfold.

In my city there is a price cycle for fuel. The most expensive days to buy fuel are on a Thursday and Friday. This is because most people get paid on a Thursday and because many people need to buy fuel just before the weekend if they plan to travel. The fuel becomes slightly less expensive on a Sunday and then hits its weekly low on a Monday.

On a Wednesday there are very few people in line for fuel. By Sunday there are a couple of cars waiting for their turn to fill up, but not very many. Monday however is a different matter entirely. On Monday it’s absolute insanity.

On Mondays there are cars simply everywhere. And I mean everywhere! They fill up every available space at the service station. They spill out onto the road and clog up the streets in all directions. At times it is even impossible to get through the nearest intersection because of the backlog of cars. No one is going anywhere fast and once you are in the queue, you are committed to staying there. There’s no escape if, halfway through, you decide the whole process is taking too long. You simply have to wait.

I confess that I am not very good at waiting. Never will you see me in that fuel line on a Monday. I have far more important things to do with my life.

Sometimes you just need to take the easy way out. You can line up for fuel on Monday and wait for over an hour to save a couple of bucks or you can pull straight up to the pump on Sunday and pay a small amount more but save so much time. I choose time over a few dollars any day of the week.

If you are serious about creating a clutter free lifestyle for yourself and your family, you could be like those Monday drivers and spend hours searching the internet for the solutions you need and feel as if you are stuck in that tangle of cars with no way out.
Or… you could be like the Sunday drivers, skipping the queue and jumping right to the answers to your questions.

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On Mondays It's Absolute Insanity! 15

On Mondays It's Absolute Insanity! 17

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