Lose the digital clutter

Have you managed to find yourself subscribed to a gazillion email lists and begun to wonder how on Earth that has happened and what to do about it?

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It seems that just about everything nowadays requests an email address from us. That’s all well and good but often I find that once I have given my email I am automatically on a mailing list that then sends me ‘stuff’ whether I want it or not.

There are of course things that we consciously subscribe to, love to receive and are very happy about but then there are the other things which arrive far too often and have to be dealt with in some way. I got to a point recently where I found that the digital clutter I was receiving in my inbox was stealing so much of my time. First I had to search to find my important emails amongst the junk, delete the junk emails before they filled up my in box and then in some situations even delete the deleted ones.

One day I decided that enough was enough. I made a plan to spend 15 minutes to unsubscribe from all of the emails which I considered to be clutter.  I didn’t manage to get them all in that day but each day for about a week, I spent some time on it. Yes, it did steal my time for that week but given how much time the things were stealing every day anyway, it was time well spent.

There is one email however from which I been unable to unsubscribe. Apparently way in the distant past I set up a user name and password for the site and now unless I remember what they are, I can’t unsubscribe. A bit of a nuisance, particularly since the discount offers they send me are for a city on the other side of the world in a place I have never visited. Anyway, I can cope with that because my inbox is not filling up constantly with all of the other stuff I used to get.

Now I can easily find the electronic bills and other important emails I have received without losing them amongst the other digital clutter.

For all of those emails you have somehow managed to find yourself subscribed to, take 15 minutes right now to unsubscribe from as many as you possibly can.  You will be glad you did.