Kitchen trick- The rubbish bin

There are a couple of little tricks it’s good to know about the kitchen bin which will save you time and make life a lot less messy.

1) Wrap all sloppy times in newspaper before putting in the bin
2) Keep the bin bags inside the bin underneath the bag being used

The first hint comes from my mother.  She never put anything sloppy into the bin without wrapping it up first.  This may initially seem like a waste of time but can save a lot of effort in the long run.  Think of those times when you have discovered a hole in the bottom of the bin bag and a sloppy mess running through it to the bottom of the bin itself.  You are now obliged to wash the bin out (not my favourite task) and then dry it before you can put it back into use.  Wrapping sloppy items prevents this entirely.

The second hint I learnt while visiting a friend.  I used to keep the spare bin bags in a drawer or on a shelf in the pantry.  They always had to be hunted down and often before I got around to replacing the bag, someone had thrown rubbish into the unlined bin.  Very annoying!  I now keep the spare bags in the bin under the bag currently in use.  All I need to do it remove the full bag, reach in, grab a new one, pop it in place and the job is done.