Keeping The Vultures Away From The Cake!

Simple ways to keep the kitchen tidy while cooking.

Do you have family members who claim “There’s never any food in the house”? It’s a phenomenon that occurs regularly at my place.

It does not seem to matter how much I buy, within a couple of days of visiting the supermarket, most snack foods are gone. I am discovering that teenagers apparently need endless amounts of food at all times.

So, when a lady at work served up a delicious cake for a colleague’s birthday, I had to get the recipe.

This Sweet Potato Caramel Mud Cake made in the Thermomix was a hit!

I decided to try and fill some of those bottomless empty stomachs but it turned out to be more difficult than I had anticipated. Not the recipe, that was very straightforward.

It started with having to guard the block of white chocolate with my life so it wouldn’t be eaten before I got the chance to put it in the mixing bowl. It finished with having to run interference over the icing so there would be some left by the time the cake was cool enough to put it on top.

Apart from that, you’d think I’d never cooked a cake ever before. The sense of excitement around me was huge.

Long before it was even cooked, I had visits from every other person in the house wanting to know if it was ready to eat, whether there was any icing left (remember, the cake was still in the oven :)) and predictions about how long it would last before it was all gone.

Now, I’m not much of a cook and don’t really love spending time in the kitchen but the family needs to eat after all. The more you cook, the more mess you have to clean up and that can sometimes be off-putting. We can however, make it much easier on ourselves with one simple trick. When I begin cooking, the first thing I do is to fill up the sink with hot soapy water.

As I am cooking, I take the opportunity between steps to quickly wash any utensils I have been using throughout the process. This means that by the time I have finished, I have very little, if anything, left to wash up. That’s a huge time saver for me and means I don’t leave the kitchen a mess to tackle some time in the future. That’s never a good idea!

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