It Doesn’t All Have To Be Work!

Find the fun and the job's a game!

Why is it we go through life thinking that everything has to be ‘work’?

I do a dance class each week. On a Wednesday I head off to meet a group of ladies to firstly do a tap dancing class and then a jazz dancing class. We have a good time, have a bit of a gossip, learn a routine and even actually managed to get some exercise at the same time.

There can be times, like when we are preparing to enter a competition (mature and motivated section anyone?) that it can get quite strenuous and physically tiring. It’s funny though that not once do I think about it as ‘getting exercise’.

Now I’ve tried a variety of different ways of ‘getting exercise”. I’ve been a member of a gym a couple of times, I’ve tried swimming and I’ve even had a stab at a bit of running. But each one of these things has only lasted a short while before I’ve stopped. Why is that? It’s because I was doing each one of them purely for the ‘exercise’. There was no other purpose and getting exercise could only motivate me for a short period of time.

Dancing, however is a thing I have done all of my life. Apart from a couple of years forced stoppage while we were living in the desert miles away from anywhere, I have sought out somewhere to do a dance class each week. I do it because it is fun. It is mentally stimulating to learn and remember all of the routines, I have made some great friends along the way and working towards a competition or concert gives the whole thing extra meaning.

This is what keeps me coming back week after week and I don’t skip classes unless I am sick. I have made a commitment to the ladies that I will be there. It’s not like a netball game where you can arrange for someone else to take your place if you can’t come. Only someone who knows the routine can fill in. I don’t want to let anyone down.


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There are many other things in our life that could benefit from an injection of a little fun. Think Mary Poppins.

What can you do to make your Decluttering journey more enjoyable? Add some music? Find a friend to do it with? Create a deadline for yourself to add that extra bit of motivation? Let’s see if we can find the fun to motivate us to start something and then see it through to the end.

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