Is there really a right way?

Sometimes people are so worried about whether or not they will doing something the ‘right’ way, that they struggle to do anything at all.


I was talking with a group of ladies recently who all have very different ways of tackling everyday tasks like laundry.  One will not allow her teenage children to touch the laundry because they may do it wrong, while another quite happily gets her children to hang up the clothes because that is the only way she will have time to get it done at all.  One of the ladies can only use the same colour peg on an item of clothing because using two different coloured pegs make her anxious.  Another must fold each item as it is taken down and sort it in to each family member’s pile right there at the line.  A third throws them all into a basket, dumps it on the living room floor and let’s everyone find their own things to put away.  Each lady had a completely different method which she considered to be the right way to do it.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because there are so many different ways to tackle tasks in our lives that rarely is it a case of one size fits all.  What may seem logical and obvious to one person is just a silly waste of time to another.  What we need to do is find the process that best fits our own lifestyles and personalities and use that one.  Of course, it is important to keep our minds open to fresh ideas and better, more efficient ways of doing things.  When we come across something new we can then consider it, decide if it suits our purpose and choose to take on some, all or none of the new idea as we wish.

What is important to remember is that there is rarely a right or a wrong way to do something. We all need to be a lot kinder to ourselves and simply do what feels right for us, ignoring the often unsolicited advice of others.