I’m nervous and proud! Experiences win over belongings.

I'm nervous and proud! Experiences win over belongings. 1

So I dropped my daughter off this morning for a four day hike on a bush track down south. She is completing the Duke of Edinburgh award and needed to complete a 4 day, 3 night hike for the Adventurous Journey section.

  • I have to tell you that I am a little nervous. She doesn’t know any other members of the group although they are all there for the same purpose and have a qualified, experienced leader.
  • There is no way to get in contact with her for the duration because they are out of cell phone range, though the leader has an emergency beacon should something go wrong.
  • Lastly, the weather has turned bad. They set off in the cold and the rain and I hope she packed enough warm clothes for the experience.

My daughter is only a little thing and couldn’t carry much more than the tent, sleeping bag, roll mat, food and water. Clothing had to be kept to a minimum or she would not have been able to lift, let alone carry her pack. She is such a minimalist that I actually had to put my foot down and insist that she at least take an extra thermal top in case things get really cold.

While I am nervous, I know she is in good hands and truth be told, will probably be the one making sure everyone else is all organised and healthy throughout. She is a determined girl and always makes me very proud.

I am proud of her capacity to make do, do without and pack only the bare minimum required for the trip. There is nothing worse than packing too much and finding yourself lugging a huge pack full of stuff you didn’t need the whole way. It certainly makes for an unpleasant journey.

We have met people before who have regretted their packing decisions from the very first hours of their hikes and it’s not a pleasant conversation. Their shoulders, back and neck ache, they struggle with every step they take and they can’t appreciate the scenery they are travelling through because they are suffering so much.

Sometimes it feels like that in our homes too. Because we are packing too much stuff into them, we can’t enjoy the experience of our day to day lives and that’s a real shame.

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A year from now you’ll wish you had started today!