How Much Is Your Shopping Costing You?

How Much Is Your Shopping Costing You? 1

This post forms part of my 101 Decluttering Series.

To say that our home internet connection is slow would be the understatement of the year. At times it has been so slow that even opening an email has taken up to 10 minutes to achieve. Well, we recently moved to a better wireless internet solution (Still miles behind the rest of the world, but oh well!) and funnily enough that has brought its own set of problems.

A faster internet has meant that we have FINALLY been able to subscribe to Netflix. We’ve worked our way through seasons of some great shows and I have to admit that I have wasted quite some time on a few very random shows as well.

Anyway, the other day I stumbled upon ‘The Ultimate Guide To Penny Pinching’. It was a real eye opener. One of the main characters was a lady who showed how much money she was saving through using coupons. She would buy whatever was on sale or extremely cheap and would often end up with mountains of stuff. As a result, her poor children had to endure some absolutely awful meals because Mum got the items either for free or for a drastically reduced price.

I got to thinking, would she ever have bought all of these items if they were full price? I know for a fact that the answer would have been no. Her family did not want to eat microwave dinners for months on end, nor did she really need 20 cans of deodorant in her bathroom cabinet.

I think we can all be tempted to buy something we didn’t really want because it was on sale. This can have a huge impact upon our shopping habits and the amount of stuff we bring into our homes.

Have you been shopping and bought an outfit simply because it was on sale? Have you asked yourself whether you would have still bought it if it was at full price? Did you buy it because you actually needed it or purely because of the sale? I know that I am guilty of these things.

If we look around our cluttered homes I am sure we would find that many of the objects inside them are there simply because we got them at a good price, rather than the fact that we actually had a need for them.

What are the costs of all of these purchases?

The initial high we get from buying something rapidly disappears, then we begin to pay the costs of our purchase.

A) We may feel guilt at having spent money on another item we didn’t need and probably won’t use.
B) We have spent time we will never get back on the purchase of it.
C) We need to find somewhere to store it.
D) Then, after a period of time we need to dispose of it.

What a huge price to pay for something we only bought because it was on sale!

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