How Much Do You Actually Own?

How Much Do You Actually Own? 5

Did you know that according to the LA Times the average American home an enormous number of items in it? A researcher has determined that number to be about 300,000. That number just seems too enormous to contemplate.

How much do you actually own?

Our council recently held a verge collection. This is where all of the residents are able to put their unwanted goods out on the verge and the council will come around and dispose of them free of charge. The residents don’t have to hire trailers, pay tip fees and spend time disposing of the stuff, they simply put it out the front. It’s such a great idea.

Driving around when this is on can be an eye opening experience. It is really quite amazing to see what people throw away. On any one street, if there aren’t at least two old barbecues out the front, then you’ve simply driven down the road too soon. Another one will be added tomorrow, I guarantee it.

Some of the stuff on the verge is pure junk: broken cabinets, rusted bicycles and parts of children’s toys. Other items are actually quite good and will be recycled once collected.

Perhaps though, the most interesting part is that there are often a number of people driving slowly down the road, checking out what is on offer and collecting anything that takes their fancy. Now I know of broke uni students who have furnished their entire appartments this way but it does always get me wondering whether these collectors actually need the items they are taking on.

Now don’t get me wrong, owning ‘stuff’ is not bad. We are not bad people if we like to collect antique spoons, coins or barbie dolls or hold on to photos of our families or vacations.

The problem occurs when the stuff threatens to overtake our lives and gets in the way of our happiness. When this occurs, we find ourselves stuck under the mental weight of our possessions.

The benefits of purging belongings…

If you have never taken the opportunity to have a purge of some of your unnecessary possessions, you won’t have experienced the freedom this can create.

  • Create physical space in your rooms
  • Create mental space in your life
  • Find things you own
  • Find room to store the things you own
  • Save money
  • Save time

When you are feeling stuck and unable to make a decision about something, the effect of having a good throw out of some unnecessary items can be the catalyst for the beginning of the decision making process.

People have found that when they are freed of clutter (even a small amount from one space in their home) they free up some mental space to make those big, important decisions. I’ll admit, it does sound a little strange but you won’t know unless you try it for yourself.

Find out how to begin your Decluttering journey and create that much-needed mental space with support from the Clutter-Free Life Community and see what a difference it can make for you.

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How Much Do You Actually Own? 7

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