Get rid of clutter with help from a friend

Get rid of clutter

Years ago I was teaching out in the country and living in an education department rental. The house was built to accommodate a previous principal with six children. My housemate and I used to joke that they kept the overall size of the house the same and just created extra bedrooms inside by adding more walls. The rooms were so tiny.

Here we were, two single girls straight out of teacher training, sent to the country with a suitcase full of clothes each and a couple of pots and pans between us. We met the day we moved in and happily got along. We set about making the place our home for the year.

The rooms might have been tiny but the backyard was ENORMOUS!

Now, apparently it was our responsibility to keep the lawn at the front green (they generously supplied one hose with a sprinkler on the end) and the property at the back cared for. I’m sorry to say that those expectations were a little high.

The previous occupants kept the lawn green by literally running that sprinkler 24 hours a day. I’m guessing they had their three children on rotation to run out and move it around the lawn so that it all got watered. We weren’t quite so conscientious. I do recall putting the sprinkler out once and then having a visitor run over it and squash it flat with their car. That kind of put a halt to our gardening adventure.

Then there was the backyard. This house was located in a small country town where no lawn moving service existed. We watched that lawn become a jungle and wondered what on earth we were going to do about it. In my defence I did try to borrow the wippersnipper from the school gardener but he refused to lend it to me. Instead he let me borrow a very old lawnmower.

I did my best to use it to straighten out the tangle in the yard but it was too little too late. The grass was so long by this stage that each push of the mower clogged it up and I had to pull that dreadful cord to start it over and over again. It nearly killed me.

Needless to say I gave up in the end and left it to fate.

Well, fate did indeed step in in the form of my lovely neighbours.

I came home one day to discover that three sheep had been deposited in my backyard. Did they ever make short work of that overgrown yard! It wasn’t long before it looked cared for once more. I was so grateful to them.  (The neighbours that is.)

Sometimes we just can’t do things on our own. We need the support of other people to bring our desires to reality.

When it comes to decluttering our homes, sometimes it can be really difficult to do it all by ourselves. Just like I needed help from my neighbours to keep my backyard in order all those years ago, so you might also need help to get rid of clutter from your home.

Decluttering is easier with friends

Decluttering is easier with friends

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