Focus on One Thing to Declutter Like a Pro!

‘OMG, that’s terrible!’ I said, whilst quietly thinking ‘what a fantastic idea’.

It was so bad but also so good at the same time.

It’s my friend’s 50th birthday coming up at the beginning of next month and another friend and I decided to meet at the shopping centre to try and buy a gift together.

It would be an understatement to say that we struggled to come up with something we thought she would like.

With very few ideas going in, we decided to begin at one end of the centre and work our way down.

We found ourselves in a quirky kind of stationary and gifts store. There were no gifts in there that suited our friend but we both stopped and had a closer look at a bowl on display.

There was a time when I might have bought it simply because it was so crazy bad/good but I have learned to suppress the urge and save my money and the clutter in my house.

Plus, I was with someone whose son is yet to become a teenager and she would have thought I’d gone mad even thinking about it.

It was called a ‘Self Love’ bowl.

If the store had not put a picture up next to it to demonstrate how it was meant to be used, I think we would have walked on without having comprehended it at all.

The bowl was shaped so that you could balance your phone on the edge and continue to watch while you eat, hands-free.

I could instantly see my teenagers chowing down on their food while continuing to watch something on YouTube without resorting to balancing their phones on a tissue box or some other item.

Multitasking to the max! Fabulous, but awful.

As good/bad as it was, it made me think that sometimes we try too hard in the multitasking area. Yes, we want to be as efficient as possible but sometimes the only way to actually achieve something is to focus our time and attention on just one thing until it is completed.

Instead of tidying up a shelf here, a box there, a bag somewhere else, just do one thing.

Choose a spot to declutter, put your 15 minute timer on and declutter that spot.

Don’t do anything else. Don’t get distracted by the laundry, the dishes, cleaning out the rabbit’s cage or gluing back together the sole of your shoe.

Focus on one thing.

Everything else will still be there when you are finished and you will have one more clutter-free spot to feel excited about.

What are you going to focus on decluttering? Shoot an email to and let me know what your one thing is for the day.

Focus on One Thing to Declutter Like a Pro! 1