Feel tired? Drink more water


Struggling with tiredness is, for some people, an everyday occurrence. We know that ensuring we get good quality sleep is one way to increase our energy levels. Another simple thing we can do is to increase our water intake. There are so many benefits to drinking adequate amounts of water and with a few simple strategies we can put in place to make sure that we have more of it.

I realise that many people struggle to drink enough water every day because I am one of those people.  I have friends who laugh at me about it because apparently they find it an easy thing to do and have never had a problem.  It’s not so easy for me. Intellectually I know I need to do it but in practice it’s a different thing entirely.

I know that water is good for me because:

A. It aids in digestion.  It assists my body to dissolve fats and fiber and helps my kidneys to flush out waste.
B. It helps prevent headaches by keeping my brain hydrated.
C. It takes away that fuzzy feeling in my the brain and helps me to think more clearly.
D. It keeps the cartilage around my joints nice and plump to protect them from injury.
E. It transports important nutrients and oxygen around my body in my bloodstream.
F. It keeps my skin well hydrated, reducing blemishes and maybe even reducing wrinkles.
G. It reduces hunger cravings.
H. It keeps my hair glossy and strong.

I know all of these things to be true but I actually have to make a conscious decision to drink any water at all in my day. Unfortunately I am in a situation where I rarely ever feel thirsty.  On the odd occasion such as after exercise I do but otherwise I actually need to make a conscious decision to drink. I get busy and I forget to drink, does that sound familiar?

I think one of the reasons for my non drinking habit has to do with my occupation. As a teacher we are not free to simply stop our work and pop off to the bathroom whenever nature calls. We get 4 specific times to go, 1) before we open the door in the morning, 2) at morning recess (as long as we are not on playground duty, 3) at lunchtime 4) after the children go home. I learnt very quickly that if I drank even small amounts I wouldn’t make it to the next break. That brought up all sorts of logistical issues around classroom supervision and behaviour management so I pretty much stopped drinking as a result.  This turned out to be a bad decision.

The things that happen to me when I am dehydrated are:

My brain feels foggy
I have less energy
I can’t concentrate on what I am supposed to be doing
My hair looks dull
My skin looks tired

Knowing that 60% of our bodies and 90% of our brains are water, it eventually occurred to me that my constant state of near dehydration was not doing me any good and was in fact probably doing me some harm. I decided that I would need to increase my water intake. Well, easier said than done. The bathroom issue at work was still there and so was my lack of thirst. I knew that I would have to come up with a way to remind myself to drink more and worry about the logistics of the other part later.

Some of the things I tried were:

Always having a water bottle near my desk, in the car, next to my bed.
Putting an alert on my phone at regular intervals to remind me to drink.
Flavouring the water slightly with some berries or other fruit.
Installing a water filter under the sink so it tastes nice.
Buying a nice water bottle and cup.
Drinking a glass of water with every meal.
Drinking a glass of water after each trip to the bathroom.
Drinking a glass of water when others are having a coffee.

Some days I certainly do better than others but on average I am drinking far more than I have previously and I definitely believe that my energy levels have increased as a result. So if you are feeling tired for no apparent reason, you are getting enough sleep and have no underlying medical issue, perhaps some extra water in your diet is what you need. Put some processes in place to remind yourself to drink, make it as pleasant an experience as possible and see the benefits of more energy, clearer thinking and a fitter body inside and out.

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