7 Day Decluttering Challenge

7 Day Decluttering Challenge 1

7 days of decluttering challenges, hints and tips

In these simple tasks, I walk you through different clutter hotspots in your home.

1) I begin by debunking some common decluttering myths,

2) I give you strategies to help you beat procrastination,

3) I share with you the one rule I consider the most important when it comes to decluttering,

4) You will learn my three most important mind tricks to get anything done.

  • If you find that there is clutter all around and it makes the rooms look chaotic and messy,
  • If you want to walk in a room and be able to find something without searching through everything else,
  • If you want to make your house look cleaner,
  • If you want peace and to have more time relaxing and playing,
  • If you find that clutter is frustrating and you’re embarrassed by it…

Then this is this challenge for you!

The challenge consists of a daily video clip. Watch the video and then take action on each task. Each one can be finished in approximately 15 minutes.


Pari says:

Your Clutter Information has helped a lot. I am in the process of decluttering my Guest and my Play/Sewing room. It is working.

Thank you for your guidance, help and your inspiration.

Judie says:

I enjoyed your focus and I have made improvements.

Sally says:

Most helpful to realize not to let little things go because they become big things.

Peta says:

I realise now it’s about changing mindsets.

Join the swelling number of happy participants and begin the challenge today!