Book decluttering challenge

Book Decluttering Challenge

Use this 50 book decluttering printable to make decluttering your home fun. Decluttering is much easier when we make a game out of it. Colour in one …
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clutter-free bedroom

The Clutter-Free Bedroom

This post forms part of my 101 Decluttering Series. Why is it important to create a clean, organised and clutter-free bedroom? Why should we worry about …
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30 Day Declutter Challenge

Kick start your decluttering journey with the 30 day declutter challenge. These tasks are designed to be completed one per day for 30 days. You may …
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How to declutter to save time

How to Declutter to Save

This post forms part of my Decluttering: 101 series. Did you know that holding onto all of that clutter is costing you? It is costing you …
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7 day declutter challenge

7 Day Declutter Challenge

This post forms part of my Decluttering 101: The Ultimate Guide series. This week I am setting you a 7 Day Declutter Challenge. We are going …
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30 day decluttering challenge

Decluttering Challenge

For the last few days I have been madly filming clips for the soon to begin Decluttering Challenge in The Clutter Free Life Private Facebook …
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Cutting the clutter

It’s the first week of the school holidays for us in Western Australia and the beginning of spring. For some reason those two things inspire …
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Lose the digital clutter

Have you managed to find yourself subscribed to a gazillion email lists and begun to wonder how on Earth that has happened and what to …
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