How to Declutter to Save

How to declutter to save time

This post forms part of my Decluttering: 101 series.

Did you know that holding onto all of that clutter is costing you? It is costing you your time, stress, money, arguments, frustration and the environment. Wow! Who would have thought that the accumulation of too much stuff could have that type of impact?

Today we are going to look at how we can declutter to save time.

Ask anyone what they want more of and I am willing to bet it’s a neck and neck race between time and money. Those who have more money inevitably use it to buy more time so this is what we are going to focus on.

So, how does a house full of clutter cost you time?

  • Firstly, when you know that you have the exact thing you need somewhere but have absolutely no idea where that somewhere might be, looking for it costs you time.

It could be in the cupboard under the stairs, it could be in the pile in the living room, it could be in the closet, it could be in any number of places but because there is so much other stuff to look through first, finding it can be almost impossible. After wasting a huge amount of time looking in all of those spots, often the item you need simply does not materialise.

When you have a decluttered home, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. This means that if you have to grab something at the last minute before you head out the door, you can simply nip over, pick it up and head off.

Think about how much stress this would also save in your busy day. These things can happen in a decluttered home.

  • Secondly, clutter costs us time by making it extremely difficult to clean.

When my children were small, I struggled to clean the floors. It sounded simple enough, vacuum (I’m not a sweeper) and then mop. Unfortunately at that time, I hadn’t gotten all of my processes in place and we managed to create a few piles of stuff around the house. This meant that when I decided to do the vacuuming, I needed to pick up all of the items that were on the floor before I could begin. Once that was done I would vacuum.

As you can imagine, with a couple of small children in tow, this whole process would take a little while. It seemed to me that while I was packing up at one end of the house, they were making a mess at the other. By the time it got to the actual washing of the floor, I felt like I had done a day’s worth of work already and this step was often the one that got missed. Fast forward a couple of days and the whole process would begin again.

So, clutter costs us time in cleaning because in order to clean the floor or any surface, we must first move the items from those areas, clean that surface and then move the items back. As in my example, we will do one of two things, spend the time to move the stuff and clean or leave it where it is and don’t clean it. Either one is not really the best option for a well maintained, stress free home.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to wipe down the countertops without having to move junk around to do so? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to vacuum the floor and not have to navigate around piles of stuff lying in corners or elsewhere? Wouldn’t it be great to get that cleaning done quickly and efficiently in as little time as possible? These things can happen in a decluttered home.

So, how do we Declutter to save time?

The first step has to be reducing the amount of stuff that we own. Check out this post here.

The second step is to determine a suitable place to store each item.

When this is achieved, the time taken to clean, maintain and store everything is dramatically reduced. Take the first step towards cutting down on some of the clutter and reduce the drain it is having on your time and energy levels by grabbing your copy of the S.O.S decluttering workbook. Simply enter your details in the form below.

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