This week we decluttered… the home office

declutter home office

This week I worked with a lovely lady (J) who desperately needed assistance in her home office. With Covid19, came working from home and it doesn’t look as if she will be back in the work office environment any time in the near future.

J and her husband are also preparing for downsizing now that the children are getting older and moving out of the family home.

When she was preparing for our session, her husband asked her “Are you going to let somebody see that room?” Happily she was, because this meant we could take some much needed action.

The reality is that other people do see our clutter. The people that we care about are the ones who see it. The people we invite into our homes are the ones who see it. Either that, or we are so embarrassed by the mess, we don’t invite anyone in. Then we are the ones who lose out.

There comes a time when we must decide that enough is enough and take steps to make a change.

This is one of the reasons I include guided decluttering sessions in my membership program. It’s really hard to find the motivation to do the thing we know we need to do. When we are rushing around closing doors before our guests arrive or when we are putting off having guests altogether, we find ourselves wishing we had done something differently in the past.

Well, we can’t change the past, but we can change the future.

Members commit to attending a decluttering session and take action on their decluttering tasks, right then, in real time with me. Scheduling in this time means that they show up, do the work and achieve their goals. Then, even though things aren’t perfect, they are better than they were, and we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or the floor underneath the stuff.

Decluttering the home office

J was finding that her office had become the catch-all for all of those items that didn’t seem to have a home. There were work items, donation items, things put aside to sell, pictures to sort and papers, lots of papers. Not only was there clutter but there was also a need to organize the space to make it more efficient to work in. She is aware that about 40% of the items in the home office could be thrown away, it was just making the time to do that, which was needed.

J learnt that it was really important to stay in the space. To do this she made piles of items to deal with at the end of the session. She added to her donation pile and will take those things out of the room this week. She filled the garbage can and created a ‘relocate’ pile for items that belonged in another room in the house. She didn’t waste time relocating any of those things or emptying the trash outside, those are simple, quick tasks that can be done later once the real work is finished.

We chose one section on which to focus our efforts. J spent 20 minutes working on a shelf on her bookcase. She was so focussed and efficient that she completed the first task and was able to move on to something else for the remainder of the time.

She created an ‘incoming paper’ spot so that new papers had a home in which to be placed. This will prevent them from ending up scattered around the room in the future and undoing her hard work.

It was so wonderful to hear J say, ‘I’m really energised to keep going.’

It’s always getting started that is the hardest part. However, once we do, we wonder why we didn’t do it sooner.

Knowing that there is someone who will not judge us for where we find ourselves with our clutter, who will support and guide us to take the steps we know we need to take and who understands the joy that comes from the smallest of wins, is priceless.

This is what you will find when you join the Clutter-Free Life membership, someone to guide, support and encourage you to make this positive change in your life.

Stop trying to do everything alone. Click here for more information on how we can tackle this together.

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This week we decluttered… the home office 2

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