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Create your clutter-free life TODAY

If you’re like many families, you are exhausted from trying to keep the house in some sort of order. You’ve probably been trying to tidy up here and there, but it just isn’t enough anymore.

My goal is to help you declutter your home so you spend less time tidying it and more time enjoying it.

I’ve done it, and know you can too!

-Jen Robinson

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Never Be Embarrassed By Your Cluttered Home Again!

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You're in the right place if...

  • You can’t find a spot on the counter to cut the vegetables for the salad
  • The sink is never free of dishes,
  • You are embarrassed when people drop over unannounced,
  • You can’t find the thing you bought just last week, you know you put it somewhere,
  • The guest bedroom has no room for guests,
  • You want a more simple life,
  • You have boxes with stuff in them that you never use,
  • You want your house to be easier to clean and to keep that way,
  • Your clutter is causing you stress

That is Exactly Why I Created the Clutter-Free Life Community

1. Make decluttering a breeze

When you have a system of step by step processes to complete your decluttering project, you know exactly where to begin, what to do next and how to continue until it is complete.

2. Save time and money

When the home is cluttered, we can have difficulty finding the items we have already purchased. This means that we need to re-buy the things we already have, resulting in a lot of wasted money and time.

3. Reduce overwhelm with a decluttering plan

Stop trying to work it all out by yourself. Get access to a proven decluttering plan and kickstart the process today.

4. Spend less time cleaning

When the house is tidy and there are no piles of clutter on the surfaces, it is so much easier to dust and vacuum. No more moving stuff to clean underneath or cleaning around the piles.

5. Get back hours of time to be with family

Spend less time managing the cleaning and tidying and have more time to have fun with the children, your spouse and your friends.

What's Included in Your Clutter-Free Life Membership?

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Member Trainings

So that you have all of the information required to give you the energy and drive you need to begin decluttering, you know exactly where to start and you have the necessary resources to guide you along the way.

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So that you have someone to turn to when times get difficult, you have your questions answered quickly to allow you to get back to the task of decluttering your home and you know you are not alone.

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So that you have the motivation and support to declutter those tricky areas of your home, you have a goal to work towards each week to ensure you stay on track and you are encouraged by your successes and those of others.

What this means for you is that you will never be more than 30 minutes away from having a home you are proud to show off to family and friends.

A Clutter-Free Home Is Priceless!

My decluttering journey is going better and it feels fantastic! I have 20+ years of “stuff” to go through but every little bit is a step in the right direction.~ Chelsea

When I look around and surfaces are clear I feel so much less stress. Owning less stuff means less things to land on surfaces.~ Joan

Just view me as a happy customer!😊~Elizabeth

I decluttered my medicine cabinet. Surprisingly I am enjoying the process.~Sally

I found something you wrote after my now 2 1/2 year old was born and it really helped me during the chaos of having a newborn and running a home. Now, of course, I lost where I wrote it down, but it was just a few simple rules – along the lines of start small, don’t make new messes…more elegantly written but alas I can’t find it! I have a tween daughter and the toddler…I am  lucky if I get to shower every day and I need some organization and calm back in my life. I am looking forward to exploring my membership and, probably more slowly than I would like, starting my clutter free journey.~Brianna

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The Clutter-Free Life Community is for You!


Answers to some frequently asked questions.

To ask a different question you may contact me here.

I’ve never been an organized person, will this suit me?  


This community contains step-by-step methods for decluttering your kitchen, your home and your life. 

It is designed for anyone with clutter, regardless of their experience level or degree of clutter. The community has built in accountability to assist you to take action on your decluttering plan.

How much time will I need?

The Clutter Free Life community has different resources to suit all learning styles. There are video trainings, downloadable e-books, PDF decluttering resources. Each resource can be studied within your own schedule. You can get started on your first task in less than 15 minutes

You will develop productive habits that will keep your home clutter free, so it’s a life-long investment of your time. A little bit of time spent learning the correct strategies and accessing the tools, will enable you to free up a huge amount of time in the weeks and months to come.

How will this community help me?

There are many benefits of having a clutter free home.

In our fast paced society, it often feels easier just to go and grab a take out meal than to cook. This is particularly true when the kitchen is an unpleasant place to be. The cost of doing this regularly adds up in the bank balance and the waistline. A clutter free kitchen is a place you enjoy spending time in and makes cooking healthy, nutritious meals for the family so much easier to achieve.

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  • I understand how it feels to have the desire to declutter your home but to lack the motivation and the information to achieve it. 
  • I know what it’s like to have guests arriving in 30 minutes and to look around the house in despair, knowing that with so much to do, it will take a miracle to get it ready in time.
  • I understand how it feels to see other people who have it all together and not be able to achieve that yourself.

My Aim For You:

  • I want your kitchen to be ready if the urge to cook chocolate cupcakes suddenly overtakes you.
  • I want you to never again lose your car keys in the jumble of stuff next to the bed.
  • I want you to be confident that if a friend drops by unexpectedly, your home will be company ready.

I want you to be STRESS FREE!

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A year from now you'll wish you had started today!

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