The Clutter-Free Life Newsletter

Get rid of the clutter in your home so that you can spend less time tidying it and more time enjoying it.

The Clutter-Free Life Newsletter 1

Issued every Sunday, this paid weekly newsletter takes you on a journey to a clutter-free home.

Small, easy to complete tasks, real time support and simple, easy to digest training allows you to experience success right from your first issue.

Each issue comprises four parts:

  1. Weekly Challenge
  2. Live Declutter Together sessions
  3. Video training
  4. Decluttering resource

These are carefully chosen activities to reduce overwhelm, create momentum and ensure success.

1) Weekly Challenge:

Each week you will receive a decluttering task to complete over the course of the week.

This task may be easy for you or it might be difficult, depending upon where you are at in your decluttering journey.

2) Live Declutter Together Sessions:

Each week you will receive a link directly to the Declutter Together Live decluttering sessions being held.

One week these sessions will be in the morning, the next week they will be in the evening.

You may attend any number of sessions over the course of the week, included in the price of your newsletter.

You may choose to use these sessions to work on the Weekly Challenge or you may complete any other decluttering task you wish.

Each 30 minute session includes:

  • Decluttering tutorial or Q&A
  • Focussed decluttering time to complete your task
  • Debrief

Current participants find these sessions invaluable to provide the motivation and commitment they need to get their decluttering completed.

3) Video training:

Watch a training tutorial on key decluttering concepts.

Newsletter subscribers may request training at any time by email and these will be recorded and added to future issues.

4) Private Facebook Group:

A place to connect with others on the clutter-free life journey.

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