The Clutter Free Kitchen DAY 3: The plastics cupboard

Welcome back to day 3 of “The Clutter Free Kitchen” mini course.

Sometimes we put off even beginning a task because the thing just seems too daunting. When we think about a task as a whole, instead of breaking it down into small actionable steps, we find ourselves being overwhelmed.

Years ago I had an enormous portfolio to complete for a promotion at work. It was something I had been thinking about doing for a long time. The problem was that the task was so overwhelming that I found it impossible to start.

I knew other people who had done it and I was aware that some of them had spent 18 months working on it after hours and in whole chunks of their vacations. The extra stress and time away from their families was enormous.

Even though it was something I really wanted to complete, I simply could not begin. I had two small children, a full time job and an endless stream of ‘urgent’ tasks to complete before I could even think about starting. It just didn’t happen.

I thought that I had to find a big chunk of free time before I could begin this work. That was never going to happen. Then I had a brainwave, what if I worked on this application for 15 minutes each day? That was doable. Over the week that would be almost 2 hours. Pretty good, I thought.

So every day I sat down for 15 minutes. Some days that time couldn’t go fast enough. The creative juices simply didn’t flow and it was a struggle, but I persevered. Not once did I stop before the 15 minutes were up. Regularly however, I worked long over the 15 minute time-slot. I would get on a roll with an idea and look up at the end to discover that I had worked for 2 hours. The sense of accomplishment was enormous.

Changing my mindset was all it took to get this difficult task completed.

So today let’s not worry about everything else that is going on in our kitchens. We will focus on doing one thing well and not worry about the rest for now.

Day 3 Action Task: Let’s get stuck into that plastics cupboard.

For today’s lesson I am going to share with you a sneak peak of my soon to be released The Clutter Free Kitchen E-courseClick the link here to check it out.

The Clutter Free Kitchen Course SampleOK, time to get to work! Don’t forget to grab your ‘Tackling the plastics cupboard’ worksheet to help you along. Download your action worksheet here.

If you are happy to share, I would love to see your before and after photos. You can see mine in the course sample above.

Daily Habit: It’s a myth that we can do a big all out declutter once and never have to worry about it again. Decluttering is an ongoing process of managing the small things. The habit you are going to develop today is to:

1) Put items back where they belong straight away.

Don’t leave things lying around waiting for that one big tidy up at the end of the week or month or just before visitors come over. That’s the quickest way back to where you started. If we see decluttering as a necessary, regular process then we will never again be overwhelmed by a huge mess we have to tackle.

2) Complete the 5 second scan each night before you go to bed. Commit to spending a couple of minutes setting the surfaces right before leaving the kitchen and enjoy a lovely tidy, welcoming space when you get up in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed the sample of my soon to be released “The Clutter Free Kitchen” e-course.

If you would like to be alerted when the full course has been released, click here and I will give you the full details.

Keep your eye out for lesson number four tomorrow: Debunking the myths.

Happy Lifewrangling!

Jen Robinson

The Clutter Free Kitchen DAY 3: The plastics cupboard 8

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