Clutter Free Life Cancellation Request

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“It is the choices we make at the forks in the road that determine the shape of our life”

Are you sure you want to give up now?
I am so sad you want to leave the Clutter Free Life community.

Before you go, I encourage you to reconsider.

So many people quit too soon, and give up on their clutter free life when success is just around the corner!

I don’t want YOU to be one of those people.

I understand that any change can be challenging, even frustrating sometimes.

Click here if you want to keep moving forward decluttering your life!

Feel like throwing in the towel? I have been there!

“I just don’t have the time for this…”
When you are working full time, have young children and a never ending list of to-do’s it can seem impossible to find the time to work on your decluttering plan.

NOT QUITTING was the most important early decision I made.

I just kept fighting for the Clutter Free home of my dreams.

If I had quit, I might not be where I am today!

If you are having trouble managing your priority list, or finding time to declutter your home, I have resources to help you get back on track.

You are not alone. I can help!

Click this link, log in to the community, and I will help you find the time to make your clutter free life dream a reality!

“I just can’t spend the money right now…”
I totally feel your pain.

It can be difficult to spend money on just one more thing when you are working so hard to make it for your family.

I thought the same way until I realized a couple of LIFE CHANGING truths:

– I was wasting money buying things twice because I couldn’t find the one I already owned.
– I was wasting time doing things that didn’t matter and avoiding doing the things that did.
– The way we spend our time & money is our TRUE priority list in life!

Looking back, a few years later it’s scary to think where I would be if I had not found the motivation to declutter our home.

Where will you be in a few years?

What could you change to free up the money to invest in your personal happiness?

How can you do what it takes to invest in YOUR future?

I can help!

Click this link, and post a time management question in the forums!

If you still need to cancel, I understand. I will miss you in our Clutter Free Life family!

My goal is to always help my members make the best decisions for what’s next in their life.

If you want to keep going, click here to log into our community and get help with your next steps.

If you are truly ready to cancel, just click here to fill out the cancellation form.

Please note if you cancel now, you will lose access to the Clutter Free Life community, and your current membership rate. I raise prices from time to time. If you rejoin later, you will have to return at the current monthly price as your current price will be unavailable.