The Clutter-Free Life
Summer Decluttering Challenge

Have less clutter and less stress in 4 short days!

The Summer Decluttering Challenge is now LIVE and open for enrollment.

What is the Summer Decluttering Challenge? Each day from August 17th until August 20th, learn the must know techniques to declutter your home.

Who is it for? If you are someone who struggles to find the time to remove the clutter from your home, then this challenge is perfect for you.

How does it work? Receive an email each day with a link to watch the training at your own pace. Learn the basic decluttering strategies and then declutter a clutter hotspot in your home, right then, during the training.

What makes the Summer Decluttering Challenge different? Not only will you be learning the basics of decluttering, you will be using the time to actually declutter.

  • No more thinking about starting,
  • No more trying to find the time,
  • No more putting it off...

I will give you the strategies and you will do the decluttering.

How cool it that?

If you’re done with struggling with the clutter in your home and are ready to say YES…

YES to more free time,

YES to more space,

YES to less stress...

Then join me in the Clutter-Free Life Summer Decluttering Challenge.

Register here and let’s declutter together!

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