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I’m Jen Robinson¬†

If you want a decluttered home that is easy to clean and makes a warm, welcoming space for family and friends, then you are in the right place!

You want to get your work done as quickly, efficiently and systematically as possible.

You want uninterrupted time to appreciate, support and enjoy your family.

You want to remember the hobbies that used to interest you and find the time and energy to do them again.

If only that were the case!

I write for busy women who want to streamline their work, nurture their families and reconnect with their passions, without tripping over a house full of clutter.

As a working mother myself, I assist women who want to :

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by their work
  • Be fully present and enjoy time with their families
  • Find more energy in their day so they can manage their responsibilities and still have some left over for themselves
  • Tackle their clutter once and for all

If only there was a chance of that happening anytime soon…

  • Because you’re struggling with trying to please everyone else and complete everything that needs to be done
  • Your work never seems to end, you drop exhausted in to bed at night and you don’t have the energy left over to follow your dreams
  • You are distracted by the stuff that fills up your home

I believe it’s totally possible to lead a happy, healthy, clutter-free life…

Because when you learn to organise your time you will be more efficient, enjoy better health and have the energy to take better care of your family and yourself.

After juggling two small children, a full time job and more pets than anyone ever needs in their house, I learnt how to…

  • Put routines and processes in to place to declutter and organize my home consistently and easily
  • Accept that sometimes near enough is good enough and stop feeling guilty
  • Make my own needs a priority so I am able to accomplish all of my responsibilities and be happy and healthy at the same time

When you join me, you get access to everything I know about being organised, fulfilling your responsibilities and leading a clutter-free life.

Together we will create the life you want and deserve.

I can be contacted at admin@lifewrangling.com or by completing the form below…