8 tricks to get out of the house on time


One of the biggest indicators of how your day will turn out is the way it begins. If the morning begins badly, chances are things will stay that way.  You know how it goes, you press the snooze button a few too many times, everyone else has used up all of the hot water in the bathroom, you’ve run out of milk and you can’t find your keys no matter where you look.

By the time you walk out the door you are rushed and stressed.  It’s very difficult to resurrect the day after a start like that.  We’ve all been there at one time or another.  The problem occurs when this becomes a regular occurrence.

The good thing is that with a couple of simple steps, you never have to experience this problem again.

1) Lay out your clothes the night before.  You might think that you prefer to wear whatever you are in the mood for in the morning but this can add so much time to your morning routine.  Getting it all ready the night before means that you will notice the stain on your top, have time to iron your trousers and never go out the door in one navy court shoe and one black- yes, it has happened.




2) Go to bed at a reasonable time.  Waking up refreshed is probably one of the best ways to ensure your day starts off just right.

3) Make sure that the wake up time you set is realistic. It must allow you enough time to complete all of the necessary tasks.  Start by deciding upon the time you want to be walking out the door, list all of the tasks you must complete and work out the time each one will take.  Add all of those small amounts of time together and sutract from your leaving time. The end result will be the time you must get up in order to leave when you planned.  For example, if you need to leave at 7:30 am and your tasks take 90 minutes to complete, you will need to get up at 6am to get it all done.  If the calculated time turns out to be too early for your liking, you must decide which items need to come off your list so that you are not late.

4) Allow time for the unexpected. If everything is worked out to the last second, you don’t allow time for those surprise developments like accidentally spilling breakfast down your good shirt. Leaving a little bit of time to redo one of your tasks will ensure you can remain calm if something does go wrong.

5) Don’t press snooze, ever.  In the third step you carefully worked out how much time you needed.  Do you really think that having less time will work?  Do you ever feel better after lying in bed for those extra 9 minutes?  The answer to these questions is always no, at least for me. Get up when the alarm goes off, you will be pleased you did.

6) Turn the lights on.  Bright lights will help to trigger the sensor in your brain that tells it to wake up and get on with the day.

7) Make sure you have a place to keep your keys, wallet, phone and anything else you must take out the door with you in the morning.  Make it a rule to never put these things down anywhere else and you will always be able to simply grab them and go.


8) Dont be tempted to do ‘just one more thing’ before walking out the door.  You know it will take three times longer than you anticipated and all of your efforts will have been wasted.  Write it down and put it on tomorrow’s to do list instead.

These few simple techniques will enable you to walk out of the door on time, relaxed and ready to begin your day.