7 Rules For a Clutter-Free Life


So you want to create your Clutter-Free Life? Then you need to follow these seven important rules. Each one will take you a little closer to your desired outcome.

This post forms part of my Declutter 101 series. See the other posts here.

Use these rules as a guide to create your clutter-free home simply and easily

Clutter-Free Rule 1: Be very strict about what you let pass through the front door.

If we are serious about decluttering our home, we need to stop adding to the problem by bringing more items into it. We want to make things as easy for ourselves as possible. It will be very difficult to reduce the clutter we already have if we are constantly buying more stuff.

Ask yourself whether you really need another pair of shoes.

Ask yourself whether a new doona cover is actually necessary.

Ask yourself if you really need another trashy magazine.

It will be much easier to create your clutter free home if you are only decluttering what you already have.

Clutter-Free Rule 2: Don’t put it down, put it away.

If you always put something back where it belongs on the same day you took it out, then you will never waste time hunting for that item. You will also prevent that important and necessary item from appearing to be junk and cluttering up the room. If you don’t have a home for an item, make a decision about where it should be located and make a commitment to always put it there once you have finished using it.

Misplaced items waste a huge amount of time each year, take steps to prevent that happening again.

Clutter-Free Rule 3: Don’t buy things to store the clutter.

Buying pretty containers to store our clutter is not going to help our situation. We do this to try and legitimise the clutter when really we should be going through it, determining what needs to be kept and what needs to be thrown away and taking action on those decisions. See this post for more information.

Clutter-Free Rule 4: Declutter a small area every day.

Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Anything that is important enough to do will take time and energy to complete. Take that first step and then work towards your goal each day. Even 15 minutes a day will help you to get there.

Clutter-Free Rule 5: Don’t try to sell it.

We might think that we are going to make some money selling our clutter. This is OK but the problem occurs when we have to find somewhere to store everything before we sell it and we end up simply moving our clutter pile from one place in our home to another.

Create momentum towards your goal by getting the clutter out of the house as quickly as possible by donating it to charity or throwing it into the trash.

Clutter-Free Rule 6: Learn to say no more often.

Often well meaning friends and family try to give us things they think we will need or want. Sometimes they simply want to get rid of something themselves and feel bad about throwing it away so look for someone else to give it to. This is OK if you actually needed the item they are trying to give you but not if you are simply taking it to be polite.

Break that habit now by asking yourself this question:

If I had to buy it, would I still want it?

If the answer to that question is no, politely decline the offer and prevent the extra clutter from coming into your home.

Clutter-Free Rule 7: Focus on what you have achieved.

Sometimes we can become discouraged because we focus solely on the amount of work that still needs to be done rather than recognising what we have already achieved. Give yourself credit for all of your hard work to date and use that as motivation to create the momentum you need to continue.

Remember that big changes start with small steps.

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Good luck in creating a mess free life for yourself and your family.

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