7 Day Declutter Challenge

7 day declutter challenge

This post forms part of my Decluttering 101: The Ultimate Guide series.

This week I am setting you a 7 Day Declutter Challenge. We are going to declutter every day for a whole week. Yes, that’s correct. Every. Single. Day.

Now I understand that we all live extremely busy lives and it might sound like too much to achieve but trust me when I tell you that it will absolutely be worth it. By the end of the week we will see such a huge difference that it might just be the catalyst to get us moving on other parts of the home.

This week we are going to get stuck into a very important zone of the house and we are going to sort that sucker out once and for all.

In this 7 day declutter challenge we are going to be focusing on the bedroom. The reason for this is very simple. When we have a cluttered, messy, disorganised bedroom, it affects our subconscious mind and prevents us from getting the deep sleep we deserve. When we have a clutter-free, welcoming space in which to sleep, we sleep better and deeper and wake up feeling more relaxed.

So, our focus this week is going to be on setting this most important room straight.

7 day declutter challenge Day 1: The floor

There’s nothing worse than having to step over piles of clothes, papers and other assorted junk in order to navigate around the bedroom. These things cause a tripping hazard if we need to get up in the night to use the bathroom and make simply walking around a chore in itself.

Step one is to grab your three bags/boxes. One is for items that need to be relocated, one is for rubbish and one is for things you are going to re-home/donate to charity.

Go through each item on the floor and separate into your three boxes.
Be ruthless with the rubbish and donation piles. Try to put as much into these two piles as possible. We don’t want to relocate the clutter to another part of the home here, we want to get rid of it for good.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to relocate the items from box number one to their correct storage locations and to remove the items from the other boxes out into the trash or donation pile.

7 day declutter challenge Day 2: The bed

Sometimes we can develop a rather unfortunate habit when it comes to the bed. During the day, when we need the floor space, we stack everything onto the bed and then at night when we want the bed, we transfer it all to the floor. Does this sound like something you are doing or have done? Today is the day we put an end to all of that. Today we are going to clear the bed by returning the items to their correct location, binning them or adding them to the charity pile we have created.

Remember to check under the bed too. This can be valuable storage space but it must be used correctly. It is often useful to bag/box-up off season clothes and store them under the bed. Be wary however, of using this space to store things that should really be disposed of or located elsewhere. If you find there is something under there that hasn’t been used in the last 12 months, seriously consider getting rid of it.

7 day declutter challenge

7 day declutter challenge Day 3: The bedside cabinet

Let’s get the top of the bedside cabinet sorted out first and then worry about what is going on inside it. Only items that are used on a regular basis should be stored here, the latest book you are reading, creams and lotions, alarm clock, lamp, that type of thing. Nothing else should be on the top of the cabinet.

Inside, you can be a little more easygoing, but remember that this is an easily accessible location for all of those things that are used regularly. This means you need to access them once per day or more. An example is underwear, socks, pyjamas. You might even like to store your day bag here for easy access when you head off to work in the morning.

Don’t forget to check underneath the bedside cabinet too. Look for anything that might be hiding out of sight trying to be ignored by you. Deal with those items as well today.

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7 day declutter challenge