Timesaving Trick #8- The car

How easy is it to allow our cars to gather all types of random articles which we put in but just never get around to taking out?  We get to the end of a tiring day, come home, hop out of the car and simply go inside the house without stopping to take all of our belongings with us.  Do this too often and we end up with such a mess in the car that it can take hours to set straight.

There’s really nothing worse than heading out to the car to go somewhere and realising that we will need to stop and clear out the junk before we can leave.  This is annoying at the best of times but can be a real problem when we are in a hurry.

There are very few things that need to stay in the car permanently.  Of course each person will have a slightly different idea about what those things are but the fewer items the better.  The best places to store these items are the boot and the glove box.  Anything you are storing in your car you should keep out of view.  How tempting is it for someone to break into you car to steal the bag sitting on the back seat?  Even if there was nothing of value in the bag, you are still up for the cost of replacing the window or door lock and the inconvenience it causes.

There’s really a simple solution to this problem.   Grab everything from the car at the end of each day.   It can seem annoying but it is the small maintenance tidying done each day that will mean a big effort is rarely necessary.  Make it a rule that everything you put in the car in the morning will be taken out in the evening.  Following this rule means that there is no chance for a pile of stuff to grow, junk or otherwise.

Rule- If you put it in the car in the morning, take it out in the afternoon.